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I am currently on insulin: during the day - novorapid 3 times, 4 units each, at night - insulatard 8 units. I found on the internet that the extra injections to lower the sugar levels after an extra meal are a vicious cycle that causes sugar spikes and weight gain. Is it true and how does it work?

It all depends on the size of the extra meal. For snacks that should not exceed 1-2 WW, additional insulin injections are unnecessary. If, after 4 injections, you need to inject insulin occasionally to lower your blood sugar, it doesn't make you gain weight either. Conversely, frequent injections of up to 4 injections may result in weight gain, but this is more due to the amount of food you eat than to insulin alone.

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Jolanta Mętrak

In addition to specializing in internal diseases, he also deals with professional weight loss, he works at the DAMIANA Medical Center and the "Czajkowscy" Polyclinic in Piaseczno (14 Kilińskiego Street).

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