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My problem is my low body weight. I am 162 cm tall and 45-47 kg. I did all the tests - it turned out perfectly. I eat a lot and have an appetite, but it doesn't help. Everywhere is written about miracle slimming diets and I want to cry. Nobody tells an obese person "you are fat" because they do not want to cause trouble, and a thin person is told directly about their weight. Once I was silent, then I cried, now I bite back. I want to gain even 5 kg! No doctor can help me, they do tests for me and then they say that everything is ok and that I should accept myself. It makes no sense after all. Please help!

It's much harder to get fat than to lose weight. Apart from a high-calorie diet, I do not know any other good methods. You should learn to count calories, because eating "by eye" that there is a lot can sometimes be deceptive. It is good to combine this diet with the gym and, under the supervision of an "exercise" expert, improve your lean figure, gaining muscle mass (you will gain kilograms, because muscles are heavier than fat).

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Jolanta Mętrak

In addition to specializing in internal diseases, he also deals with professional weight loss, he works at the DAMIANA Medical Center and the "Czajkowscy" Polyclinic in Piaseczno (14 Kilińskiego Street).

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