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Colloidal silver is a pharmaceutical raw material on the basis of which drugs are made, primarily used in ophthalmology and dermatology. It should not be confused with a dietary supplement available at the pharmacy, which is commonly regarded as a medicine for almost all ailments. Check what is colloidal silver? What are its healing properties? How is real colloidal silver different from pharmacy supplements?

Colloidal silver( Argentum colloidale ), also known ascolloidalor colloidal silveris a pharmaceutical raw material for the production of prescription drugs, which is a combination of silver with protein or gelatin. It has little to do with a dietary supplement sold under the same name, which consists mainly of water in which a small amount of collargol is spread.

Colloidal silver - healing properties

Colloidal silverhas bakeri-fungal and virucidal properties, therefore in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, i.e. at a time when there were no antibiotics yet, it was used to treat numerous diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

Currently, colloidal silver is used only externally, mainly in ophthalmology, for the treatment of the initial phase of acute bacterial conjunctivitis. On the basis of silver, special eye drops and eye ointments are prepared.

Colloidal silver is also used as an astringent for topical application. However, today, dermatological drugs based on this substance are rarely developed.

Is colloidal silver toxic?

Silver can be toxic if it is administered regularly in higher than the recommended dose. The lowest dose that can cause poisoning symptoms is 0.014 mg of silver per kilogram of body per day. It should be noted, however, that the quantitative risk assessment is based on studies using intravenous rather than oral administration. For this reason, the data is not 100% reliable.

Colloidal silver as a dietary supplement

Currently, there are dietary supplements available in pharmacies that contain colloidal silver. As their manufacturers assure, this type of drug supports the treatment of e.g. colds, runny nose, cough, flu, bronchitis,herpes. In addition, they are anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. They soothe pain and itching of the skin and supplement the deficiency of the trace element silver in the body.

It should be emphasized that dietary supplements containing colloidal silver, which are usually available in the form of liquids, are very highly diluted solutions. Therefore, they should not be confused with colloidal silver, which is used in medicine.

In addition, there is no scientific evidence that confirms the effectiveness of this type of drug. The claim that a person may have silver deficiency in the body is also unfounded. Moreover, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider colloidal silver a safe and effective product for treating any medical conditions. Therefore, before using this type of dietary supplements, consult your doctor.


Silverfish , otherwiseargyria , is a disease resulting from excessive accumulation of silver in the body. It can arise from the deposition of silver particles in the dermis (when administered topically) or by stimulating melanin to produce silver periwinkle in the skin (when administered orally or intravenously).

Symptoms of the disease appear after about 6 months (or even a year - depending on the dose taken) of regular silver intake. The first characteristic symptom of silver disease is the blue discoloration of the gum line. Other symptoms include irreversible changes in the color of the skin (selected areas or the entire surface) and nails.

If the patient has regularly taken silver-containing eye drops, the color of the eyeballs may change as a result of an accumulation of an element in the cornea and capsule of the anterior lens.

The color of internal organs in blue or blue-gray is also characteristic. In extreme cases, silver can be found in moderate amounts in urine and feces, as well as in saliva.

In addition to pure silver, any silver compound (silver nitrate, silver acetate, argyrol, etc.), in high doses, can cause silvery. Another factor predisposing to the development of silver glaucoma is skin exposure to sunlight.

Is silver carcinogenic?

As we find out from the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, increased silver content in the body does not cause carcinogenic effects.

This does not mean, however, that silver is harmless. Exposure to contact withsilver can not only lead to gray-blue discoloration of the skin. Subsequently, the presence of silver in the body can cause kidney disease, liver disease and hardening of the arteries, and silver deposition in the eye sockets can affect eyesight.

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Man is exposed to silver daily, mainly by breathing, drinking water, eating food. Scientists estimate that 98-99% of the supplied silver is excreted from the body on the second day, and the remaining 1-2% is accumulated in the human body.

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