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New Zika virus detection tests have been developed. They make it possible to recognize not only the early types of infections, but also the former zika virus infections. Additionally, Zika virus detection tests allow samples to be tested for other types of infectious fever, so you can distinguish zika fever from diseases that produce similar symptoms.

Zika virus (ZIKV)causes a tropical disease called zika fever with symptoms such as fever, headache, rash and conjunctivitis. These symptoms appear only in a small number of patients (about 20%), in the rest the infection is asymptomatic. This means that most people are unaware of the infection. This is especially dangerous for pregnant women and those planning to have babies, as the zika virus is likely to cause fetal microcephaly. However, newtests to detect the zika virushave recently become available - both early infection types and old infections. Soon they will be used in research conducted by a research center operating at the Brazilian Ministry of He alth (Fiocruz - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz).

ELISA and IIFT tests detecting IgG / IgM antibodies against Zika virus are the first in Poland tests for serological diagnosis of zika infections with the CE / IVD mark.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends serological tests for the Zika virus in asymptomatic pregnant women returning from epidemic threatened areas, as well as pregnant women with clinical symptoms lasting at least 4 days.

Zika virus detection tests

Zika virus detection testshave been available for a long time, but they can only be used up to 5 days after the appearance of the infection symptoms - after that time the virus is undetectable. Recently, two new tests have been developed that can detect specific antibodies (IgM, IgG) against this virus in the blood of infected people:

  • ELISA test
  • indirect immunofluorescence tests

They detect both early types of infections (in most cases from the 5th day after the onset of symptoms) and old zika virus infections.

- ELISA tests and indirect immunofluorescence tests were evaluated in cooperation with the InstituteOf Tropical Medicine in Hamburg (Bernhard-Nocht Institute). The tests are designed to quickly screen large numbers of samples and therefore monitor the spread of the virus, says Katja Steinhagen, head of the Serological Diagnostics for Infections at EUROIMMUN AG.

Tests for the Zika virus also detect other infectious fever

Indirect immunofluorescence tests allow samples to be tested for other types of infectious fever. This makes it possible to finally distinguish between zika fever and dengue fever or chikungunya infection, both of which have similar symptoms and are transmitted by the same species of mosquitoes as the zika virus.

There is also hope that Zika virus detection tests will help elucidate the link between the pathogen and microcephaly.

Prepared on the basis of press materials from EUROIMMUN POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

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