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I will describe my problem in detail. I have been struggling with these pains for several years, about 8 or 9. At first, these pains appeared rarely, then more often. Sometimes the pain doesn't come back for a few months and then it comes back unexpectedly, like this time. At first I thought it was a stomach ache. My right side hurts at the level of my kidneys, and the pain seems to radiate to my back. Sometimes this pain, like now, is also accompanied by pain in the abdominal cavity, I don't know how to describe it, because it is not a stomach pain. Yesterday I felt as if someone had kicked my stomach. I also felt a suction in my stomach, as if someone had turned on a vacuum cleaner for me. Nausea, cramps. Sometimes it feels like someone is twisting my intestines and then letting go, twisting and letting go again. Before that, I lived in England and was treated there (I mean I tried). At the beginning, the doctors ignored my ailments, I heard that young girls may have pains like me, that it will pass. I was 22 then, now I'm 30 and the pains have not gone away. I had a lot of scans, tests and various tests done. Many with an indication of kidney stones. However, the final diagnosis was never made! None of the studies confirmed anything 100% percent. A few months ago I moved to Cyprus, the local he alth service is specific. I don't have my doctor here yet. For several days the pain has returned, even strong painkillers do not help. It happens that because of pain I cannot sleep through the night. Yesterday I was in pain all day at work, today it still hurts me, but it seems a little less. I don't know what to do anymore. I am asking for help!

The problem is complex. Perhaps it is not urological at all. In addition to intestinal disease, e.g. duodenal ulcer disease, liver disease should also be taken into account. It is best to go to the hospital in the internal ward and examine it thoroughly.

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Lidia Skobejko-Włodarska

Specialist in pediatric urology and surgery. She obtained the title of European specialist in pediatric urology - fellow of the European Academy for Pediatric Urology (FEAPU). For many years he has been dealing with the treatment of bladder and urethral dysfunction, especially neurogenic vesico-urethral dysfunction(neurogenic bladder) in children, adolescents and young adults, using for this purpose not only pharmacological and conservative but also surgical methods. She was the first in Poland to start large-scale urodynamic tests, allowing to determine the function of the bladder in children. He is the author of many works on bladder dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

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