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The legendary Demis Roussos lost 63 kilos on the Shelton diet in a year! You could say that this is a diet that helps the body digest it. Being on this diet you will eat to your heart's content. The rules may seem complicated at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are simple and logical.

DoctorSheltonpublished in 1951 his methodweight lossbased onnot connectingwith each other productsacidicandbasic . The point is that digestion is conditioned by acidic or alkaline enzymes. Combining acidic and alkaline foods in one meal interferes with the digestive process .

The Shelton Diet involves alternating acidic and alkaline foods

The recipe for losing weight is therefore simple - we eat acidic products for one meal, and alkaline ones for another. Dr. Shelton noticed that if you don't follow his diet - the body produces too much acid, the body feels tired. The side effect (especially of combining proteins and grain products) is insomnia, heaviness, and an overproduction of gases.

"Product matching will become easy"

The book "Food Combining Made Easy" was probably based on even earlier research conducted in the 1930s by Dr. Howard Hay on the acidic and alkaline environment.

» Rule No. 1

We never mix alkaline and acidic products
Alkaline products include:

  • fresh vegetables,
  • dairy products,
  • fruit

Acid products include:

  • grain (and its products)
  • meat and cold cuts
  • fish
  • dried fruit

» Rule No. 2

Protein products (meat, cold cuts, fish, cheese, dairy products and eggs) are eaten only with vegetables. You never combine proteins with cereal products! Shelton recommends limiting the consumption of dairy products due to their low tolerance by the body.

» Rule No. 3

Cereal products are only combined with vegetables (never with protein products)

» Rule No. 4

As little fat as possible! Fats slow digestion.

» Rule No. 5

Fruits are only combined with other fruits (but not with dried fruits!). Only lemon can be combined with protein products.

» Rule No. 6

Milk is always drunk separately (it can be a separate meal)

» Rule No. 7

Fruit is eaten separately on an empty stomach, preferably for breakfast (if it is between meals, but not immediately after). Melon cannot be eaten with other fruits.

» Rule No. 8

Drink fruit juices only when you eat fruit

» Rule No. 9

Vegetable juices can be drunk with meals consisting of sprouts or grain products, and also when eating only vegetables

» Rule No. 10

You should drink only when you feel thirsty. Then you can drink freely.

» Rules for eating meals:

  1. 4 hours should elapse between meals of opposite acidity.
  2. If you eat only fruit for 2 hours, you can eat protein or vegetables or grain products.
  3. If your meal is 30 percent fat, it takes 7 hours for you to eat the next one.
  4. You should eat your last meal before 8 p.m.

Foods you can eat at will

poultry, free-range eggs, fish and seafood, yoghurts, lean cheese, grains, vegetables, fruit.

Foods that need to be reduced

fatty cheeses, meat, butter, olive oil, cream, s alt, processed and canned products (including canned ones), wine, liqueurs.

Products to be eliminated completely

cakes and pastries, white bread, sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate, farm eggs, sweetened drinks and sodas.

Shelton's diet - sample menu:

  • Breakfast: fruit (apple, pear, orange)
  • Lunch: cereals and green vegetables: potatoes, chicory, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
  • Dinner: protein, vegetables: a slice of lean chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, a few lettuce leaves.

In the Shelton diet, you have to set the menu a few days in advance and make purchases in advance. Contrary to appearances, using the Sheton diet you will not spend more time in the kitchen than usual (from 15 to 30 minutes).

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