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The lunar diet or the chronometric diet, contrary to what the name suggests, does not involve drawing energy from the moon or space. The lunar diet is a slimming diet in accordance with the phases of the moon, which allows you to live in harmony with the natural rhythm of the body. Check what is the moon diet? What are its effects? How much weight can you lose on the moon diet?

Moon diet , otherwisechronometric diet,is a slimming treatment according to the phases of the moon. Proponents of the diet argue that the 28-day moon cycle is one of the natural biological rhythms. Therefore, the lunar diet takes into account the change in the body's activity depending on the time of day and allows you to live in harmony with its natural rhythm.

Moon diet (chronometric) - rules. What is the moon diet?

The lunar diet allows you to eat almost all products, but you should reach for each of them at a specific time of the day. The body has been programmed to tolerate different foods in the morning and different foods in the afternoon and evening. You should also remember about the daily caloric limit. The limit is 1000 kcal for the first two weeks, and 1200 kcal for the remaining two weeks.

There are three main meals to be eaten during the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. People who are physically active can afford a lunch. The main assumption of the lunar diet is that by 14. you need to provide the body with 70% of the daily dose of energy. Therefore, breakfast should be the most abundant meal of the day, and lunch should be eaten by 2 p.m.

What is very important, you cannot skip any meal during the day, especially breakfast. Forgetting this most important meal of the day may result in too much fat being consumed for lunch, which is stored unnecessarily in the body.

Lunar diet - a pattern of consuming individual products during the day

The key assumption of the lunar diet is to eat certain types of products at the right times. Here is a diagram that will help people who are slimming through the stages of the diet:
07: 00-10: 00 - bread, cold cuts, fatty meat,
07: 00-12: 00 -high-calorie fruits, dried fruits (e.g. avocados, bananas, figs, raisins, grapes), nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,
07: 00-16: 00 - cereals and cereal products (e.g. groats , pasta, cereals, rice),
07: 00-17: 00 - most fruits (e.g. pineapples, watermelons, grapefruits, pears, apples, kiwi, melons, apricots, oranges, strawberries), 09: 00-22: 00 - lean meat, eggs, dairy products, fish,
12: 30-15: 00 - beetroot, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, dry legumes,
12: 30-22: 00 - other vegetables

Lunar diet - menu. What can you eat in the next stages of the moon diet?

Stage I starts four days before the full moon

The purpose of the first phase of the lunar diet is to prepare the body for the slimming treatment. At this stage of the diet, fruit only, preferably fresh pineapples, watermelons, strawberries and prunes, and grapes are eaten in any quantity until noon every day until noon. In the afternoon, go back to your normal meals.

Stage II begins on a full moon day and continues for the next 2 weeks

This is a proper diet. During this time, the body is under the influence of the decreasing moon: metabolism accelerates and appetite decreases, therefore fat is burned faster. In the second stage of the lunar diet, sweets, fatty cheeses and cold cuts should be eliminated from the menu. You should also remember that the daily energy value of meals should not exceed 1000 kcal.

Therefore, for breakfast you can eat, for example, 1 slice of whole grain bread thinly spread with butter, 50 g of lean cottage cheese with cucumber or fruit (kiwi, strawberries), 200 g of lean fish baked in foil for dinner, and for dinner 140 g tuna salad.

Stage III lasts two weeks, from new moon to full moon

This is the final stage of the diet, the so-called regenerative, during which the daily energy limit is 1200 kcal. This is the worst phase of the diet to require willpower from being losing weight. During this period the moon increases, so the appetite also grows.

In the third stage of the moon diet, for breakfast you can eat, for example, 4 tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with a cup of lean yogurt and 1 banana, for dinner Bolognese spaghetti and a salad with vinaigrette, and for dinner an omelette with ham and peas.

Lunar diet - effects. How much weight can you lose on the moon diet?

The lunar diet allows you to lose 2-3 kilograms in a month.

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