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Male depression is there. What's more, she is actually more dangerous than the female one, because a huge number of men who fight her go nowhere for any help. Depression affects both women and men. However, in the case of representatives of different sexes, it may manifest itself slightly differently. Male depression is often underestimated, and patients struggling with it, less often than women with depression, visit psychiatrists for treatment. What are the causes and symptoms of male depression?

Male depressioncan occur in the same way as female depression. Depression is noted in both children and the elderly. However, it is typically found in younger and slightly older adults. Quite often - for various reasons - depression is considered by some to be a typically female problem. This belief is not only untrue, but also very harmful. Men can suffer from depression just as much, and they need help to recover from their illness just as much.

Depressive disorders are already one of the most common mental disorders. What's more - now everything indicates that their prevalence may increase even more over the years. The World He alth Organization predicts that depression may become one of the most significant human he alth problems in 2030.

Male depression: causes

The causes of depression in men are similar to the causes of depression in women. Its occurrence is influenced by both genetic factors and abnormalities in the amount of various neurotransmitters in the male central nervous system.

However, some problems are mentioned, which are one of the most frequent reasons for the emergence of depressive disorders in male representatives.

Unhappy relationship

Quite often male depression is a consequence of some family or professional difficulties. Many men find it difficult to talk about where the conflicts or tensions in their relationship come from. Conversely, women tend to try to solve problems through conversation.

A man who is in an unhappy relationship may run away from such conversations. Moreover, he may even feel hemmed in by his other half.

As a last resort, he cantry to escape from talking, through which he can withdraw himself more and more and eventually - due to still unresolved problems - become depressed.

Job problems

Problems of a professional nature have a significant relationship with male depression. There is a belief in society that the role of a man is to provide for the existence of the family, most often it is associated with the fact that a man is able to earn a living for people belonging to his household.

So it should come as no surprise that men often become depressed because of, for example, being demoted to a lower position or losing their job.

Birth of a child

In general, various serious life changes are mentioned as a risk factor for depressive disorders. These include the death of a loved one, change of job, relocation, but also … the birth of a child. Here, it is worth mentioning a problem that for some people is difficult to imagine, which ispostpartum depression in men .

It is definitely the case that postpartum depressive disorders mainly affect young mothers. It happens, however, that they appear in a newly baked father.

The birth of a child is a time full of joy, but also stress. The father may be concerned that he will be able to raise his child. In addition, he may feel pressure due to the fact that from now on he is responsible not only for his partner, but also for the little man who has just been born.

The above-mentioned and other difficulties related to the birth of a child may ultimately contribute to the occurrence of male depression.

Male depression: symptoms

The basic symptoms of male depression are essentially the same as female depression symptoms and include:

  • depressed mood,
  • loss of motivation,
  • anhedonia (not being happy),
  • sleep disorders,
  • changes in appetite,
  • feeling that life has no meaning,
  • feeling tired.

However, some problems are considered to be phenomena that are typical of depressive disorders in men. In them, in the course of depression, the following can be clearly visible:

  • irritability,
  • and sometimes outbursts of anger
  • and bouts of aggression.

Male depression may be associated with a tendency to engage in impulsive, risky behavior (e.g. fast car rides or making random sexual contacts).

In addition, sometimes depressed men try to get away fromdifficult emotions through alcohol abuse or taking drugs.

Male depression: treatment

Male depression requires treatment. The methods used are basically the same as for depression in women. These are psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Psychotherapy may be the only therapeutic option and this applies to patients whose depressive disorders are of low intensity.

However, when the symptoms of depression are severe and make it significantly more difficult for a man to function, apart from working with a therapist, pharmacological treatment may be necessary.

The main medications used to treat this condition are, of course, antidepressants, such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (e.g. fluoxetine sertraliners) or serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (e.g. venlafaxine).

Male depression: men are reluctant to reach out for help

Medicine has effective methods of treating male depression. Meanwhile, many patients with this problem do not reach for help at all. There are at least several reasons for this situation.

First of all, it is clearly visible thatdepression is sometimes considered a "non-masculine" condition . According to many people, it is not right for men to cry, be sad or feel sorry for themselves.

Probably because of such beliefs so many men commit successful suicides. According to the statistics , for one woman committing suicide, there are as many as five men .

Not all suicide bombings are obviously preceded by the occurrence of depressive disorders. Some, however, definitely yes, and that is why the need to treat male depression should be emphasized so much.

Male depression: how to help a man fight depression?

Those closest to them who suspect that a man they are close to may be depressed, first of all, should try to support him with all their strength. It is worth paying attention to his well-being and letting him know that the surroundings can see what is happening to him.

At the same time, it is advisable to emphasize - even repeatedly - that depression is not a weakness of character, but a he alth problem that can be compared to hypertension or diabetes.

The patient should also visit a mental he alth specialist - a psychologist or psychiatrist.

You can help him by presenting a list of available facilities. If he or she shows such a desire, it is worth going with him to the clinic and help to overcome the natural stress preceding the necessity before the visit.telling a stranger.

Male depression can be overcome in the end, but for this you just need to get the help you need.

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