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Here's the paradox! On your account you have already accumulated life experience, often a professional position supported by good income, you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you know how to be an attractive woman, life companion and lover.

On the other hand, you feel that your body is starting to change. Mood swings appear, and even longer periods of sadness and depression and various dilemmas. If you have not had a baby yet, or would like another baby, you are wondering if it is too late to become pregnant. If you do not want to go into it, you are wondering what type of contraception to choose.

Late maternity

It's true that late pregnancy carries some risks, but with today's medical advancement, any fetal abnormalities are detectable very early. Perhaps that is why in Poland every 10th mother is 40 years old and older! Scientists have found that late pregnancy guarantees longer life. First, in order to get pregnant and give birth to a 40-year-old woman, she must have a he althy, well-functioning body. Pregnancy delays menopause, which means that estrogens last longer and the body ages more slowly.
Of course, if you decide on late maternity, you should be under the constant care of a doctor and follow the recommendations regarding tests, taking dietary supplements, etc.
Planned pregnancy after 40 has such an advantage for both mother and child that the woman has an established professional situation. She knows that by deciding to get pregnant, she will be able to devote herself to raising her little one.

Contraception of a woman over 40

As the cycles become irregular, the bleeding is less abundant, but the risk of pregnancy still exists. Many women face the dilemma of whether or not to take the pill, especially when they lose a partner or want to have sex.
Even if you have never taken a pill, you can go for it when you are 40. It will additionally fulfill the function of hormone therapy, because at this age the level of estrogen decreases, which adversely affects the well-being and has consequences also for he alth. The doctor will select the pill appropriately (rather than a two-component pill, as a single-component pill contains only progesterone), and before prescribing it, he will order a sugar level test to rule out diabetes, as well as an estrogen level test to select the bestmiddle.
Women over 40 should also have their serum levels of philotropin (FSH) tested. When it falls below normal (below 30), your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy.

Mood drops or failure in the serotonin factory

Depression overtook other civilization diseases and came in first place. More women than men suffer from it, and pessimistic studies report that in civilized countries, 80% are at risk of it. population. Why is this happening? The causes are complex, one of which is a decline in the activity of serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the transporters that carry the happiness hormone around the body. If you are in low mood, see a psychiatrist or psychologist. They will offer you a treatment that is appropriate for your case, sometimes supported by pharmacological treatment. Under the National He alth Fund, you are en titled to 70 hours of free psychological therapy.
Many women who have turned 40 make a balance sheet and profit and loss account, and then worry about the results. If you are not satisfied with your life, make changes so that you enter the next decade full of vigor. Studies have shown that women suffering from depression have a 70% risk of developing heart disease. higher.

Premature menopause

1 in 20 women will wither before age 40, natural menopause begins after age 45 and is a result of the aging of the body. Statistics show that this number has increased 5 times compared to the 1980s. There is a risk group: thyroid disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, smoking, poor nutrition.

Heart trouble

At the age of 40, your body is still working well, provided you have earned it before, leading a he althy lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of a heart attack because nicotine raises blood pressure, which speeds up the heart rate, and as a result, the heart uses more oxygen. The risk of a heart attack arises in 35-year-old smokers. 53 percent women under 64 die of diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart attack or embolism).

Is getting fat at this age a norm?

Unfortunately, the tendency to gain weight after 40 is hormonally conditioned and only a really strong will and a he althy lifestyle can protect against it. It is not a rule that the menopause must lead to the storage of excess kilos. However, you should know that with age the metabolism is getting worse, the digestive system works slower, it is more lazy. It is easier to lead to various types of irregularities in its functioning. More oftensuffers from indigestion, gas, pain in the liver. Most of the calories supplied are stored in adipose tissue, rather than going to the muscles and being broken down there. The only advice is to accept the fact that as you age, your body will change its appearance, change your diet to less calories and more exercise, especially outdoors. It is worth remembering that the results of a study conducted in 52 countries confirmed the link between obesity and diseases of the cardiovascular system and the incidence of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

How to avert a crisis?

Proper hygiene of life, proper diet, preventive examinations - and you can enjoy life. A forty-year-old woman is mature enough not to make the mistakes of her youth and young enough to be able to enjoy her life wisdom for a long time.

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