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Last month, the company I work for informed us that they are establishing cooperation with a coach and that some of us will be referred for consultations. I admit that we were all a bit worried about this, because the manager refuses to tell us why some of us have to participate and some do not. I am afraid that they will send me for some tutoring, and if I do not improve my results, they will say goodbye to me. Should I be afraid of the consequences of such consultations?

Your anxiety related to the new situation is understandable. The fact is that the supervisor, when referring the employee to coach sessions, vocational training or any other form of support, should inform about the purpose of these activities. Yes, sometimes the employer sends part of his team to coaching sessions, treating it as the last resort - thinking that if it does not help the employee to achieve better results, nothing will help. Usually, however, clients who come to the coach's office led by their company receive such a service as a bonus, not as a punishment.

Coaching is often an investment in the development of the employee and the entire organization. Therefore, I would try to talk to the manager again to find out what the real reason for establishing cooperation with the coach is, otherwise your anxiety will accompany you right up to the session. It is also worth remembering that even if for some reason your fears were right, the coaching sessions are a value in themselves. Working with a coach is an opportunity for personal development, which, regardless of the boss's motives, is worth taking advantage of.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Patrycja Szeląg-JaroszPsychologist, coach, personal development trainer. She gained professional experience working in the field of psychological support, crisis intervention, professional activation and coaching.

He specializes in the area of ​​life coaching, supporting the client in improving the quality of life, strengthening self-esteem and active self-esteem, maintaining life balance and effectively dealing with the challenges of everyday life. She has been associated with non-governmental organizations in Warsaw since 2007, co-runs the Center for Personal Development and Psychological Services of the Compass

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