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It's Christmas time and you're pregnant. How to avoid the pre-Christmas rush - cleaning, cooking, buying gifts? What to do to spend the holidays relatively calmly during pregnancy?

Pregnant womanshouldn't be stressed by the fact thatChristmasis coming. This timeholidaysshould be really stress-free - festive mood, Christmas tree and Christmas carols. You shouldn't spend time doing thorough cleaning, tiring shopping and standing at pots. When you are pregnant, you need to take care not only of yourself but also of the new life developing inside you. Here are six tips for avoiding Christmas madness.

1. Cleaning before Christmas

There are people who consider holidays to be a good opportunity to clean the house of months of arrears. But you probably clean regularly and your apartment does not require special actions, so don't give in to the urge to gloss over everything. However, if you feel that there is more to be done than usual - washing windows, washing curtains - don't do it yourself sometimes! What is a strong male arm for? Ultimately, hire a cleaning company. Best of all, give it up - you'll earn two afternoons off.

2. Shopping for the holidays

If you have inadvertently invited your family and friends to Christmas Eve or a Christmas dinner, you will not miss larger errands. However, there is no reason for you to end up in gigantic lines at the last minute, or to expose yourself to low-flight comments from angry fellowmen when you want to pay, horror, out of order. Make a checklist and send it to your husband for shopping. Before the shops get crowded, let them buy what won't spoil: flour, fats, eggs, dried fruit and dried fruit and nuts, as well as meat and fish (they can be frozen). Finally, leave fresh bread and vegetables.

3. Cooking for the holidays

Your partner likes to cook? You can easily convince him that he is a master chef with no equal in the preparation of Christmas specials. If not… put ambition aside and skip the pots. You feel nauseous, the smells irritate you, or you are on your last legs and think about giving birth rather than eating. During the holiday season, stomachs are as roomy as on other days, so limit yourself to a symbolic minimum: give herring on Christmas Eve,baked fish with salads and cardboard borscht, bake some meat for Christmas and buy ready-made cakes. If guests come by unexpectedly during the holidays, don't worry - they usually come so fed up that they will barely nibble on what you give them. When your baby is born, you will still get ready and bake! Now take your time off.

4. Christmas gifts

You have this problem on your head every year - but this time it will be different. The secret of success: the campaign for buying gifts must be planned carefully and at least several weeks in advance. You'll have the comfort of looking around the stores when there is still a choice and customers aren't stepping on each other's prints. At the moment when most of the countrymen will be maddened in search of anything that can be wrapped in shiny paper and put under the Christmas tree as a gift, you will be able to indulge in the comfort of your second breath at home.

5. Family meetings on holidays

Accept invitations - Christmas "for the vulture" is the best solution for you. When you host relatives and friends at home, you will not have the opportunity to host them, which will save you a lot of trouble. This will pay off even if you don't like the hosts. You will be able to buy, for example, your mother-in-law's favor at a low cost, elevating the speci alties of her kitchen to heaven (even if the carp is slightly burnt and the gingerbread is as hard as stone, grit your teeth and praise - it's all about survival!). This solution has one more good side: you can tactfully lower the guest thresholds a bit earlier, explaining that you are tired or feel bad.

6. Christmas away

This is a variant for those who don't care about the tradition of a three-day meal in the light of a home fire. If only your pregnancy allows you - leave. You will have tiring preparations and an equally tiring Christmas. Avoid crowded resorts, hide in some secluded agritourism farm with the comforts and easy access to civilization - and celebrate love. If snow falls on Christmas Eve, it will be a beautiful Christmas!

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