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Do you think the best rest is staring at the TV? Absolutely not! To really relax and regenerate, you need to choose an activity that will involve different senses than those we use every day. In this way, the body and mind will remain in balance, and balance is the key to staying he althy and fit. See what to do in your free time so that you do not get bored and fully relax.

How to rest to really relax? Contrary to appearances, the answer to this question is not so obvious. When thinking about rest, most of us have a comfortable couch and a TV or computer screen in front of our eyes. However, such a picture should be associated with inactivity rather than rest. Because in order to really regain strength and gain energy for further work, you need to stay active - in those areas that we do not spend too much time on every day.

What does this mean in practice? You will learn this by learning about ways to have an interesting and regenerating leisure in your free time.

Rest and inactivity - differences

To begin with, it is worth distinguishing between two often confused concepts: rest and idleness. For many of us, the two mean the same thing, but they shouldn't. Inactivity is a state in which we minimize mental and physical activity. Examples include sitting in an armchair and watching an entertainment program, playing computer games, browsing funny pictures on the Internet. Of course, such relaxation is also necessary, but it cannot fill all your free time, because it allows you to break away from everyday work only for a moment. Its regenerative value is negligible, which means that it does not fully restore physical and mental strength. This is what makes it different from rest, which in addition to relaxation, renews energy resources.

What is restorative rest?

The regenerative rest is active. It consists in relieving the senses that we use during everyday duties (e.g. professional) and activating those areas that we do not devote enough time to on a daily basis. The purpose of such rest is to restore mental and physical balance to the body: activating the muscles that remain at rest throughout the day and engaging the mind in activities that activate other hemispheres of the brain andfocus on receiving other stimuli.

For example, a person who has a sedentary job should spend their free time actively: doing sports, walking, sightseeing, gardening. If she is indoors most of the day, she should be in regular contact with nature - for example, jogging in the park or cycling and exploring the immediate area. If her job is to count, chart, graph, organize data, she should find time for activities that stimulate her brain to be creative - for example, drawing, modeling, playing instruments.


Why doesn't watching TV regenerate?

Due to the progress of civilization, thousands of visual and auditory stimuli bombard us from everywhere. Every day our brain has to process a lot of information that we receive via television, the Internet, the press or radio. All this makes our nervous system constantly overloaded and needs rest. Watching TV will not regenerate him, because it is only an additional factor that strains our most frequently used senses. If you add that 70% of professionally active people have a sedentary job and use a computer every day, watching TV turns out to be one of the worst ways of spending free time.

What to do after work? Ideas for a regenerating rest

Walking- the easiest way to spend your free time in a creative way is to go for a walk. Thanks to this activity, we will break out of the four walls and oxygenate the body. It is worth going on a Nordic walking tour from time to time - this will relieve the joints, increase efficiency and improve muscle strength.

Fitness classes- by signing up for fitness classes, we gain motivation to conduct regular activity. The type of training can be easily adapted to your abilities and preferences, because gyms and clubs offer a really wide range of activities for beginners and advanced.

Dance classes- zumba, bokwa fitness, salsation are just a few types of dance classes that affect both the body and mind. Exercises to the rhythm of hot musical hits, in addition to shaping the body, additionally de-stress, energize and improve mood.

Outdoor gyms- if you don't want to spend money on a fitness club entry card, look around for an outdoor gym in your area. More and more points are created, not only in large cities, where you can practice rowing or cross trainer for free.

Readingbooks- reading books allows you to sink into another world for a while and deeply relax. In addition, it is an excellent imagination training, especially for those who do not have the opportunity to develop their creativity on a daily basis. Reading books regularly is also a good way to expand your vocabulary and learn something at the same time.

Coloring pages for adults- it has been proven that coloring in adults calms down, reduces anxiety, anxiety and restores peace of mind. During this activity, the so-called alpha waves that put us in a state of deep relaxation. In addition, coloring develops creativity and improves manual activities, which we usually neglect when using the mouse and keyboard every day.

Board games- a great idea for spending a free evening is playing a board game with family or friends. Such games often require a lot of creativity, knowledge and logical thinking skills from the participants. In addition, they strengthen the bond between players.

Cooking together- by cooking we sharpen our senses, learning new tastes and smells. This activity allows us to relax and shift our perception to a completely different path.

Visiting parks, galleries and museums- after work, you can also go to interesting places in the area, for example a gallery or a park with fountains. It is also worth following the cultural events in your town on an ongoing basis, which often offer interesting ways to spend time completely free of charge.

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