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Most of us spend Christmas with the family. It is important that we, in the throes of Christmas preparations, find time for common home activities. This is a unique opportunity to strengthen family ties, build intergenerational bridges and create your own family Christmas traditions.

Christmas with the familyis a Polish tradition, which is confirmed by the annual surveys that nothing has changed in the festive customs of Poles for years. We still most often choosefamily holidays : at home with loved ones, almost 85 percent will sit at the table. Of Poles, a dozen or so percent will go to their families, and only one percent plan a recreational ski trip or to warm countries. This means that we need Christmas very much, regardless of our worldview. Then we feel more stronglyfamily ties , although for a moment we forget about the crazy pace of modern life and enjoy doing such unfashionable things as making dumplings or pickling beetroot for borscht.

You must do it

Before Christmas Eve, baking gingerbread cookies and making decorations for the Christmas tree are conducive to conversations, telling stories about the past of the family, i.e. things for which there is usually no time.

Cake recipes that can be made with children:

Christmas muffins

Christmas oatmeal cookies

Fabulous gingerbread cookies

Before Easter, talk to children about traditions and history while painting Easter eggs.

Family holidays teach children history and traditions

Children love Christmas and pre-Christmas mess. It is worth using it to teach them something, to do something together. This is a task for both parents and grandparents. When cutting cookies, you listen to the stories about the past, the old holidays, and how the tree was dressed in the times when grandma was a child. Making Christmas decorations together is also a tradition worth restoring. Chains made of colored paper, peacock eyes and blown Santa Clauses with a cotton beard glued in will not be as perfect as store-bought decorations, but they will give everyone a lot more fun.

Let's prepare family holidays together

Preparing the holidays is quite a logistical challenge and a simple physical effort. This is a task for the team that the family should be. Therefore, do not follow in your footstepsheroic ladies of the house who take it all on themselves and then, tired to the limit, with swollen legs sit down at the Christmas table. Take advantage of the festive atmosphere and involve both small and large family members in cooperation. This will make you feel that you can do more together.

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