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Sugar peas have many properties and nutritional value and are low in calories. Additionally, sugar peas are the only type of peas that can be eaten raw together with the pod. So it can be an independent snack or an addition to dinner. Check what dietary values ​​are sugar peas and what are their uses in the kitchen.

Sugar peasis a vegetable whose properties and nutritional values ​​have been known for thousands. This small vegetable (slightly flattened and curved sugar pea pods are 7-9 mm on average) is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Sugar peas - he alth properties

Sugar peas contain antioxidants that inhibit the aging process of the body. In addition, they help to strengthen immunity and inhibit the process of cancer development.

However, the lutein contained in it has a positive effect on eyesight and reduces the likelihood of macular degeneration.

Sugar peas are a source of protein - the main building material of muscles, which is also responsible for their regeneration. For this reason, sugar peas should be included in the diet of people practicing various types of sports. It is also a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

The sweet variety of peas is also rich in B vitamins (including folic acid especially recommended for pregnant women) and vitamins A, E and K. Sugar peas also contain very large amounts of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.

You can grow sugar peas alone in your garden or on the balcony.

In sugar peas you can also find minerals such as iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium and calcium to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Sugar peas are a valuable vegetable because of their high potassium content, which is essential for the proper functioning of the heart.

Sugar peas also provide carbohydrates, primarily complex carbohydrates, which keep blood sugar at an appropriate level for a long time. Thanks to this, sugar peas are an excellent source of energy for the body.

Sugar peas are also a source of fiber, which speeds up metabolism and supports the work of the digestive system. At the same time, it is low in calories - 100 g of peas is only 42 kcal. For this reason, it is recommended to peopledieting.

It can also be consumed by people with diabetes, as the glycemic index of sugar peas is 45.

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Sugar peas - nutritional values ​​(in 100 g)

Energy value - 35 kcal Total protein - 2 g Fat - 0 g Carbohydrates - 6 g (including simple sugars - 3 g) Fiber - 2 g


Vitamin C - 48.0 mg Vitamin A - 1000 IU


Calcium - 40 mg Iron - 1.80 mg Potassium - 170 mg

Data Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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Sugar peas - how to eat?

Sugar peas is a unique variety of green peas, originating from China. It differs from other varieties of peas in that it is the only one that can be eaten whole, even raw. The sugar peas lack parchment lining in the pod. Thanks to this, you can eat not only green balls, but also a crispy crust.

Sugar peas - use in the kitchen

Sugar peas can be a standalone snack, eaten raw. Sugar peas can also be steamed or in water, semi-hard and soft, and fried.

Before consumption, wash the pods thoroughly and trim the hard ends. In order to maintain its intense color, you can add a little vinegar or citric acid to the boiling peas.

Sugar peas go well with meat and fish dishes. It is also suitable for all kinds of vegetable mixes, salads, salads, tarts and cream soups.

Sugar peas - storage

Sugar peas retain the most nutritional properties raw, eaten on the day of purchase. However, its validity can be extended by properly storing it. To reduce the loss of valuable nutrients, keep sugar peas in a refrigerator in an airtight container. It can also be frozen.

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