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What is the best diet for peptic ulcer disease? What should be the diet in peptic ulcer disease when, after eating, you experience severe pain in the hole, often accompanied by indigestion symptoms: heartburn, belching, nausea, and even vomiting? Here's what your diet should be for acute peptic ulcer disease.

Diet for ulcers in the acute phase of peptic ulcer diseasetoEasily digestible diet , meals should be modest, but there should even be meals during the day 6-7. All dishes must be well cooked and ground, and preferably rubbed. Then they will not irritate the gastric mucosa, and the nutrients will be better absorbed by the body. What are the other rules of the diet in the acute phase of peptic ulcer disease?

Peptic ulcer diet: recommended foods

In the acute phase of peptic ulcer disease, the following dishes are recommended:

  • potato purée and potato and vegetable purée,
  • fruit jellies,
  • kisiele,
  • puddings,
  • stewed and puréed fruit (without skin),
  • cooked and shredded veal,
  • puree soups,
  • grated cottage cheese.

Eat stale wheat rolls soaked in milk. From time to time, use lean meats and tender meat baked in foil. At first, these should be very small portions to see how your body reacts to the meat.

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Peptic ulcer diet: what to drink?

Don't forget about the right amount of fluids. Drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid throughout the day, preferably between meals. Do not drink it during a meal and one hour after eating, as this may cause gastric contents to flow back into the esophagus.

Choose hot drinks:

  • weak green leaf tea,
  • grain coffee with milk,
  • weak tea with milk,
  • herbal teas(from chamomile and St. John's wort) and fruit (e.g. from forest fruits),
  • milk-fruit and milk-vegetable drinks,
  • still water.

Peptic ulcer diet: linseed

A drink that is very he althy for the stomach and duodenum is a decoction of linseed: pour 2 tablespoons of the seed into a glass of cold water. Cook for a few minutes over low heat, cool and strain. Drink half a cup 2-3 times a day.

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