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Dry air in the house increases especially during the heating season. The air humidity depends on its temperature. Dry air can cause coughing, pain and scratching in the throat and dry out the mucosa. In addition, it can cause a lot of problems for allergy sufferers. How to moisturize dry air? Learn about home remedies for dry air.

Dry air in the houseis not only discomfort, but also a he alth hazard. Too little air humidity can have a negative impact on your he alth and well-being. The optimal temperature for proper functioning in the room should not exceed 23 degrees Celsius, and in the bedroom it can be as low as 18-20 degrees. Maintaining the right temperature is important especially in winter when it is heated.

Artificially heated air from the radiators causes a loss of moisture, which should be 40-60%.

Dry air at home - symptoms and he alth effects

Too low air humidity causes drying of the mucous membranes and dry skin. As a result, our skin becomes drier and more sensitive, and may start to crack and itch. Dryness of the mucous membranes, on the other hand, causes dryness and scratching in the throat, and can also contribute to the appearance of coughing and difficulty breathing.

Heating and low humidity also increase the amount of dust, which can aggravate allergic reactions in people allergic to dust and mites.

Too high temperature and low air humidity in rooms can also contribute to infection or colds. This is because the temperature changes drastically between your home or office and the temperature outside.

Leaving a room that is too warm outside may result in cooling, while entering a room that is too warm from a cold outside temperature may result in excessive overheating.

Dry air in the house? - air humidifier

One of the cheapest ways to deal with too dry air is to put a wet towel on the radiator. A good solution is also the purchase of an air humidifier hanging on the radiator, into which water is poured.

However, the setting in the rooman electric humidifier is the better option. This device produces more water vapor and distributes it more evenly than, for example, a clay pot with water.

In addition, it can act as an inhaler, spraying essential oils with a water mist in the room. Various types of such device are available (ultrasonic, steam, evaporative). Each type has its pros and cons, so it's worth considering your purchase carefully.

Regardless of what kind of humidifier you buy, turn it on after ventilating the apartment and tighten the radiators a bit so that the temperature does not exceed 21ºC. Too humid and hot air promotes the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites and mold. It should also be remembered that most of this type of devices should be regularly cleaned and disinfected or changed filters (it depends on the type of device).

Dry air in the house - potted plants will help

There are more and more buildings where windows cannot be opened. So how to moisten the air when it is impossible to ventilate the room?

You can, for example, place potted plants in your office. They are natural air humidifiers. This function is best performed by those that evaporate a significant amount of water taken up.

These include Szeflera, ivy, lipka, fern, diffenbachia, ficus. They are also good air filters because they absorb a lot of toxic substances. So it's worth growing them not only in the office.

Dry air at home - choose a shower instead of a bathtub

Even naturally well-moisturized skin becomes dry in winter due to a lack of moisture in the air. It may flake, itch, and become prone to irritation and inflammation. These problems apply especially to women, because their skin is softer and thinner.

So don't hurt her by taking long baths in the bathtub. In winter, a short mascara will be better. For washing, use delicate, preferably hypoallergenic shower gels that will not destroy the lipid barrier and minimize the risk of irritation.

Within 3 minutes of taking a bath, apply cream or lotion to your body. In the battle for good skin hydration, the so-called emollients - cosmetics for dry and atopic skin. They block the evaporation of water from its surface, keep water in it.

Cosmetics for he althy skin are also a good choice, but they are rich in fats (shea and cocoa butter, vegetable oils). They should be quickly absorbed to become an effective protection against excessive leakage of moisture from the skin after bathing in the shortest possible time.

Dry air at home - how to check the air humidity?

To check the air humidification level, usea device called a hygrometer. You can buy it for a dozen or so zlotys. For the hygrometer result to be reliable, you should place the device in an optimal place, i.e. away from a switched-on radiator or a working stove.

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