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I started looking after my grandfather who has diabetes and takes insulin twice a day for 7 units. What should I do next? How to look after him? What should the diet of such a person look like?

The diet of the person taking insulinshould be maintained by a diabetologist. Grandfather should keep a food diary with sugar measurements entered. Thanks to such notes, you can quickly find out whether the doses are properly selected and modify the diet and faramacotherapy.

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Usually, it is recommended to eat 5-7 meals a day, i.e. breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, first dinner, and sometimes also the second one. Sometimes you even have to eat something extra just before going to bed. Meal times should be constant and adjusted to the time of insulin administration, as well as possible planned physical activity.

It is also important that when using fast-acting insulin, the meal must be consumed 30 minutes after the injection. If insulin is administered with an intermediate duration of action, we eat it about 40 minutes after the injection. With long-acting insulin, a meal may take up to 1 hour. after the injection.

There are also mixtures of insulins on the market with different duration of action, and then the meal time depends on the fastest-acting insulin in the preparation.

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It is important that grandfather avoid saturated (animal) fat; eliminated simple carbohydrates by replacing them with complex ones. They should provide 50% of the energy from the diet. The best sources are groats, whole grain cereals, wholemeal pasta, whole grain bread and legumes.

Grandpa should eat a lot of vegetables and a controlled amount of fruit. It is recommended to eat vegetables with every meal, preferably raw. Although I don't know if my grandfather will tolerate raw foods well.

Meat and cold cuts should be low in fat and cholesterol. This is important in preventing atherosclerosis, to which diabetes is more exposed than he althy people. Fish and seafood are better, so it is worth replacing meat with them 2-3 times a week.

Absolutely not allowed grandpa to eat sweets, sweetbeverages, cakes and confectionery. Limit your grandfather the amount of s alt and foods with a high s alt content, e.g. cheese, canned food and smoked preserves.


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Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Agnieszka Ślusarska

Owner of the 4LINE Dietary Clinic, chief dietitian at the Plastic Surgery Clinic of Dr. A. Sankowski, tel .: 502 501 596,

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