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Vitarianism, also known as the raw diet or the raw food diet, is gaining ground. What is the Raw Diet? The main rule of the raw food diet is to eat almost exclusively raw food. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of raw food.

Witarianizmthat's differentraw food( raw food diet ), consisting of eating only or in most raw foods.

Raw food: products allowed

Vegetables and fruit must not be frozen beforehand and should come from proven organic farms. The idea of ​​raw foodism does not allow food to be heat-treated, but it is permissible to heat food to 41 ° C. So let's forget about cooking, frying and baking. Specialists and supporters of this diet argue that it ensures a return to naturalness, gaining vigor and full he alth, and at the same time losing unnecessary kilograms. What exactly are we eating? First of all, raw vegetables and fruits, and above all, raw fish (e.g. sushi) and various types of nuts and seeds, which are the main source of fat in this diet.

Witarianizm - where did the raw diet come from?

Paul Nison, a former Wall Street financier, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. After many years of treatment with no effect, the patient decided to heal himself. He started by changing his eating habits - he threw out the harmful products from his daily menu and switched mainly to raw vegetables and fruits. Within a year - he regained his he alth and became the main promoter of the new diet.

Vitarianism or a raw diet has pros and cons

The Raw Food Diet is light, cleansing and easily digestible. Although it does not provide our body with wholesome protein, vitamin B12 and iron, skipping the heating process has its advantages - it reduces the loss of vitamin C and folic acid. The advantage of raw foodism is the fact that you will not find products rich in saturated fats and trans fats here. Increased consumption of vegetables and fruits reduces the risk of developing diseases of affluence. Research shows that this diet provides more antioxidant vitamins than a heat-treated diet - the vitamin consumes 305 percent. demandon vitamin C, 247 percent the demand for β-carotene, 313 percent. on vitamin E and 120 percent for copper. However, it should be remembered that a diet based on raw foods contains very little zinc (covers 92 percent of the demand) and selenium (only 49 percent).


The opponents of raw foodism emphasize that a raw diet does not provide the body with the basic building component, i.e. protein. Its deficiency is harmful, especially at an early age. It can cause growth and development disorders and lead to a decrease in the body's immunity. Therefore, before we decide to introduce a new diet, it is worth taking the advice of a proven dietitian.

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