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Wondering how to lose belly weight? Diet and Exercise Not Working? Perhaps you make simple mistakes on a daily basis that cause your waist to accumulate fat. Believe that you can lose belly weight without dieting and strenuous workouts - just introduce 6 he althy habits into your life. See how to lose weight from the belly without making sacrifices.

How to lose weight from the belly ?Dietandexercisewill help you with this, but it is a mistake to assume that this is the only factor that contributes to fat loss. Some people do 100 sit-ups a day and nibble on lettuce all the time, yet their bellies are far from perfect.

If you are one of these people, you probably have acquired bad habits completely unknowingly, which are destroying all your efforts to lose weight. Check how to change them to lose belly weight quickly and permanently.

1. Sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day

Do you sleep 5-6 hours a day and you constantly feel tired? By leading such a lifestyle, you will definitely not be able to lose weight from your belly.

The optimal amount of sleep for an adult is 8 hours a day, the minimum - 7 hours.

People who don't get enough sleep have an increased appetite . This is due to disorders in the secretion of the following hormones: leptin and ghrelin. Leptin suppresses the appetite, and ghrelin is responsible for the feeling of hunger. Sleeping less than 6 hours a day increases the level of ghrelin in the blood and lowers the level of leptin, which means that during the day we feel like eating more often.

Scientists have also proved that one late night (when we slept less than 4 hours) is enough to decrease the body's sensitivity to insulin during the day. This carries the risk of sudden attacks of hunger.

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2. Perform daily activities at fixed times

Sleeping off late nights on the weekend and getting up at 12 noon is also not a good idea. To lose weight from the belly, you should go to bed and get up at regular times. Reason?

Same as too little sleep -as a resultunregulated hours of night rest, the feeling of hunger and satiety is disturbed . In addition,the metabolic rate ofdecreases and the body's resistance to insulin increases. All this translates into the constantly accompanying feeling of "underfishing" - as if we have already eaten a full dinner, and yet we still want a dessert, and then some snacks. In such a situation, naturally, it is more difficult for us to resist, we reach for additional portions and … gain weight.

In order not to expose ourselves to hunger attacks, we should alsoeat meals at the same times . As a result, the body receives a clear signal: "at this time, energy is supplied." When the meal times are unstable, the body begins to store fat - because it does not know whether it will receive a portion of nutrients this time or not.

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3. Eat from small plates

One inconspicuous change can make it much easier for you to lose belly weight. Cornell Food and Brand Lab researchers found thatpeople who eat from large 30cm plates eat 52% larger and eat 45% more than people who eat from smaller 22cm plates.

It will be better for your belly if you put your food on a small plate. Such a change will not only allow you to eat less, but also trick your brain and feel full faster.

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4. Get up from your desk once an hour

Regular breaks at work are conducive to maintaining a proper metabolic rate. A few hours' immobility is not only conducive to gaining weight, but also slows down digestion and causes flatulence. This can make the stomach appear even bigger.

Therefore,to lose belly weight, get up from your desk at least once an hour and walk for 5-10 minutes . For example, you can go to the kitchen for a herbal infusion (fennel or mint - they regulate the digestive tract) or green tea (it has slimming properties). Also move from floor to floor - up the stairs, of course! You don't think it will do any good? 10 minutes of climbing stairs burns a lot, because 50 kcal. Add to that 60 minutes of walking and you will burn up to 350 kcal at work!

It is worth adding that not only your stomach, but also your spine will be grateful for breaks from work. When he is motionless, the muscles around him go limp, and he becomes less resistant to overload and hurts.

5. Carry onshort interval workouts

How to lose weight from the belly and not get overworked at the same time? In part it is possible. Just practice…7 minutes a day. But very intensely .

I'm talking about interval training. It consists in alternating short periods of increased effort (e.g. sprint) with periods of moderate effort (e.g. easy jog). In practice, the training scheme is as follows:

  • 15 seconds of fast sprint at full speed,
  • Jog 45 seconds.

Repeat both points 7 times.

The above training lasts only 7 minutes (including warming up and stretching, about 15 minutes). But can such a short effort produce any results?It turns out that it can be even more effective than traditional aerobics ! This is because the body needs large amounts of energy to regenerate after intense exercise. And it gets this energy from fat, thanks to which we lose weight faster.

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Worth knowing

Interval training is extremely effective in burning fat accumulated around the waist. This is because the abdominal area is where the most hormone receptors are involved in the fat burning process. Intervals increase their secretion up to 4 times!

6. Relax

Living under constant stress is also not conducive to losing weight. Under the influence of nervous tension, the body produces an excess of cortisol - a hormone that activates an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. This, in turn, promotes the deposition of fat on the abdomen.

To lose weight from the belly, make sure you spend at least 30 minutes during the day pure relaxation . For example, you can take a relaxing bath with oils (citrus, lavender). Yoga, breathing exercises and even just walking your dog are also good for stress.

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