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Exercises for armpit and back folds must be based on aerobic and anaerobic training. To get rid of stubborn fat in the armpits and back, you should do strength and cardio exercises. Intervals will also help to get rid of excess fat. Check what exercises will help you get rid of folds on your back and armpits and learn effective ways to remove problematic rollers from the upper part of the torso.

Exercises for armpit and back foldsmust be based on aerobic training, i.e. aerobic training, and anaerobic training - anaerobic training. In aerobic conditions, our body eagerly burns fat during physical exertion (cardio training), and during anaerobic exercises, muscles are sculpted and at the same time fat is reduced, while the increased metabolism causes that calories are burned at an accelerated pace, also after finishing physical activity ( strength and interval training).

Rolls in the armpits and on the back are the result of excessive fatness around the chest and back, weak and flabby muscles and an inadequate diet. To eliminate fat from these areas, a balanced diet devoid of excess fat and simple carbohydrates is not enough. You should support the reduction of fat with appropriate exercises.

Learn the best exercises to get rid of troublesome rollers from the armpit and back area

Exercises for underarm folds

In order to eliminate fat from the armpit area and strengthen sagging muscles, you should perform exercises mainly activating the muscles of the chest and hands - shoulders and triceps.

1. Spreaders

Lie on the training bench with the weight placed over your chest. Keep your arms slightly bent so that the dumbbells do not touch each other. Bring both hands to the sides until the chest is fully stretched. Then come back to the starting position. In this exercise, you don't need to weigh heavily to get rid of armpit fat. You can fly with little weight but high rep range.

2. Pushups

You can do them narrowly - then the triceps will be more activated, or wide - the chest muscles will work harder. Each version of push-ups will be an exercisegreat for armpit rollers.

Your feet are hip-width apart, your hands should be exactly under your shoulders. Move down to the maximum range. The more you stretch your chest, the more you'll make your muscles work. During this exercise, the chest is very much activated and fat is burned well, because when doing push-ups, the whole body is involved in the work. If you can't do "male" push-ups, you can rest your knees on a training mat ("women's" push-ups) or do push-ups against the wall.

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3. Pressing a barbell or dumbbell

Lie down on the training bench with the barbell over your lower chest. Move downwards with elbows evenly spaced from side to side. The movement ends when the barbell touches the chest. Return to the starting position until the elbows are fully extended.

You can successfully bench press with dumbbells. Driving in a straight line will be more difficult, but the exercise in this version may be just as effective. In this exercise, not only the pectoral muscle is activated, but also the shoulders and triceps muscles, helping to reduce the folds in the armpits and responsible for firm, elastic skin in these areas.

4. Soldier Pressing

This exercise is technically quite complicated, but definitely worth the effort to get rid of armpit fat.

Adopt an upright body posture, grasp the barbell a little wider than shoulder width apart. The hands should be above the elbows. The barbell should be in line with the shoulders and gently rest against the chest. Lead the movement up. When lifting the barbell, gently tilt your head back without changing the angle of movement. When the bar "passes" your head, you can put it back in line with your body. Remember that the head is to pass the barbell, and the movement is to be carried out on the simplest possible track.

During this exercise, the muscles of the chest and mainly the anterior and middle shoulder act are involved in the work.

Soldier pressing310

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Exercises for folds onback

1. Rowing

Stand on the width of your hips, bend your legs a bit at the knees, push your hips slightly back and tilt your torso slightly, keeping your back straight and shoulder blades tightened. Make a movement of the barbell bringing it closer to your chest and lower it down, keeping your arms slightly bent in the elbow joint. You can row with a push or a push.

Rowing works effectively not only on the back muscles and getting rid of folds, but also on the rollers located under the armpits, because it strongly activates the muscles of the shoulders and chest to work.

2. Barbell End Rowing

Stand wider than hip width between the barbell placed between your feet. Grasp the end of the bar, keep your back straight and keep your stomach tight, gently straighten your legs at the knees. The position is to resemble classic rowing. Then bring your arms to your chest until you are fully tense and come back to the end position, i.e. straighten your arms (but not to the maximum extension of the elbow joint)

Rowing with a barbell excellently activates the latissimus dorsi muscle (located on the sides of the torso) as well as the round major and rounder muscles on the shoulder blades, so it can be considered a suppressor of folds that form in this part of the back.

3. Pull-ups

Pull-ups can be done with an overhand or undergrip. The grip determines the activation of auxiliary muscles such as the biceps (grip) or triceps (grip). Each choice is suitable for strengthening the back muscles and eliminating embarrassing folds in the back of the torso.

4. Transferring weight behind the head

Lie on the training bench so that the weight is placed above your head. Then lead the movement behind your head, keeping your arms gently bent in the elbow joint. The final phase of the movement does not have to cross the line of the torso.

This exercise can be performed with a barbell or dumbbell. The version of carrying the weight behind the head in a standing position is also allowed, but then the triceps muscle is more involved in the work. To get rid of the folds on the back, it is better to do this exercise while lying on the bench.

Barbell End Rowing310
Shifting weight behind the head312
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These rulesbe careful to get rid of the folds under the armpits and on the back

  1. Eat a balanced diet- eat plenty of vegetables, he althy unsaturated fats, and whole grains. Avoid large amounts of simple carbohydrates. Exclude fast-food, highly processed products, sweets, s alty snacks from the diet. Unfortunately, a poor diet is the most common cause of excess fat in the body.
  2. Perform alternate massage with hot and cold water- it will perfectly firm the skin by stimulating blood circulation and improving blood circulation. It will also help in the fight against cellulite.
  3. Drink plenty of water- often excess armpit fat on the back is caused by water cellulite, which is the accumulation of extra subcutaneous water. The body triggers this process when it is dehydrated. So drink enough water, especially when you are losing a lot of it. It is assumed that on average it should be 3 liters of fluid a day.
  4. Give firming massages- you can do them with the convex side of the sponge while bathing. Massage the skin where the most fatty tissue accumulates. This will make the skin firmer and improve blood circulation, which will significantly reduce the rollers around the armpits and back.

Interval training and cardio training - killer folds around the armpits and back

Exercises to get rid of folds in the armpits and on the back are not only strength exercises. Strength training firms the skin, sculpts and strengthens the muscles, but it is not enough to train only with a load to get rid of excess body fat in the form of unsightly rollers.

Cardio training will be a great help in the fight against folds. During its duration, adipose tissue is burned evenly from the entire body, and by doing cardio after strength training, we will accelerate this process, because the body will immediately reach for fat reserves as the first energy expenditure.

Interval training boosts metabolism and fat burning up to three days after training! It is based on a variable training pace that involves two types of processes from which the body draws energy - aerobic and anaerobic. Thanks to this, we can significantly affect the rate of fat burning in 10-15 minutes of interval training. Interval training can consist of strength exercises, which will additionally affect the speed of getting rid of folds in the armpits and on the back.

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Swimming - the perfect training to fight folds in the armpits and on the back

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that additionally strengthens and shapes the muscles. This type of training is great for working on getting rid of folds in your armpits and back, as it strongly activates the muscles in your back, chest, and hands.

While swimming, we burn a lot of calories, get rid of excess fat, firm the skin and build muscles. Additionally, we do not put stress on the joints, so if you have a problem with your spine and you cannot perform strength exercises for the back muscles, you can successfully swim because it is an exercise that is suitable for everyone.

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