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Michał Bajor loves challenges - as an artist and a human being - they preserve him. "My body needs 36 and 6, my soul needs much more" - he has been convincing with flying colors for over 40 years.

Youth? For a guy to talk about it ?! And at this age? It is hard. Awkward. Not objective. I can only admit that I am perceived as someone who - as for his age - is doing well.

But seriously, I don't really feel old. I still feel like making my dreams come true. I think this is my main feature that preserves me. Because in the face of the approaching sixty - which I find hard to believe when I look in the mirror, let it be that I'm a little self-righteous (smile) - I can't imagine that I could think that everything is behind me. And it's not about life, but about the goals I want to achieve. I still have thoughts in my head: I would like to play another role, sing about it, go there. I travel a lot, it also keeps me in shape. I am still looking for new stimuli and sensations.

Michał Bajor: I live quite hygienically

I have weaknesses - some drink, cigarette - but only during the holidays, "by the fire". However, sleep is the main cause of my feeling. I sleep very regularly for 9 hours. However, I do not fall asleep until two in the morning. I read a lot, I am a cinema fan and … a teleman. Political programs bore me and irritate me, but I really like movies and curiosities from the world, and as there is always something to be found among 500 channels, I sometimes spend some nights. And not that since yesterday - I've been doing it for over a dozen years, so my body has already changed.

I can't get up too early because … my throat wouldn't work afterwards. The producers in the recording studios know that I have only been working from 5 pm. If I had slept less than 9 hours, I would have had trouble singing the evening concert because I would have felt broken.

Michał Bajor: What do I do to feel good physically?

I go for rehabilitation twice a week. Once, I was quite unfortunate enough to fall on both hands, which made me at risk of shoulder surgery, but luckily, thanks to rehabilitation, I managed to avoid them. Thanks to these treatments, I also started to do some strength training to gain muscle mass. I have two private trainers - and I have been practicing with them regularly for several years. When time runs out, I train at home using equipment -I have exercises drawn up and I do them. I believe that I am doing this for my own good.

The same goes for diets. I do not consider the fast ones - they end up with a yo-yo effect. When I was younger it was fantastic to me to lose 5-7 kg in two weeks, but then I was getting back the same amount. Now, when I see that I am rounding up a little, for a month or two I give up carbohydrates and calmly lose 4-5 kg. I do this once a year. Most often, when the photo session is approaching a new album. (laughs) So right now!

Worth knowing

Michał Bajor- singer and actor we know, among others from the role of Nero in the movie "Quo Vadis" and unusual interpretations of the songs: "I don't want more", "Don't leave me", "Warm me up", "I'm stuck in a corner". In 2015, he released the 19th album en titled "My love" with texts by W. Młynarski.

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