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Mindfulness, or mindfulness training, is mind training, intended mainly for people who cannot cope with stress and negative emotions, but not only. Mindfulness training can also be helpful in the case of depression, addictions or eating disorders. Check what mindfulness is all about.

Mindfulnessis translated as "mindfulness" (from the English adjective mindful) or, less frequently, as "mindfulness". According to the best-known definition by Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, He althcare and Society of the University of Massachusetts Faculty of Medicine), mindfulness "is a state of consciousness that is the result of intentional and non-judgmental focusing on what we are experiencing at the moment." .

Mindfulness training refers to various meditation techniques, but is closest to Buddhism.

In other words, mindfulness is a deliberate (i.e. conscious) directing one's attention to what is experienced in a given moment - here and now (not looking ahead, not going back to the past). A person experiences something in a given moment, but does not think what it means, does not think about it, but only calms the emotions and puts the mind "aside" so that he can focus on the experience of the present moment, so that he can receive and perceive the information reaching him. clearly, without emotional charge, not through a filter of previously formed views.

Mindfulness - mindfulness training goals

A person in his life is often stuck in what has been, past, pondering unfavorable events from the past, or looking into the future, worrying about it. In this way, it completely forgets about the present, and in addition, the internal emotional balance is disturbed, and thus - the development of anxiety and even depressive disorders. To prevent this from happening, one must bring the mind into a state of supreme concentration.

With mindfulness training, you can achieve emotional balance, learn the art of concentration and relaxation, and how to deal with stress, how to reduce nervous tension, and develop the ability to calm down when anger or nervousness arise. Mindfulness training teaches you to draw energy from life, enjoy the simple, even the mostthe banal things that each moment brings with it. Thanks to mindfulness training, you can learn to lead a peaceful life, in harmony with other people and the environment.

Mindfulness - types of mindfulness training

MBSR ( Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction ) is the first, basic, and most widely known mindfulness training. It was created in the late 1970s by Jon Kabat-Zinn of the Massachusetts Medical University in Worcester, USA. The MBSR program can be found in some hospitals and other medical facilities, as well as in universities, meditation centers, training, counseling, and personal development centers.

MBCT is a form of therapy, while MBSR cannot be included in the area of ​​therapy

The second type of mindfulness training is MBCT, or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy , which is an extension of the classic MBSR and was developed as a method of preventing recurrence of depression. This type of therapy should be used primarily by people who have had several episodes of depression and are currently in remission. MBCT may also be effective in treating mood disorders, including chronic depression and anxiety disorders, as well as addiction, eating disorders (e.g. binge eating) and insomnia. It is also recommended for people who are constantly tired, apathetic, irritable and suffering from chronic pain.

Each therapy is preceded by an individual meeting with the trainer, which is a condition for qualifying for the training. Both courses are 8 weeks long and meetings are held once a week and are approximately 2-3 hours long. The participant also receives special CDs with instructions on how to train mindfulness at home. After the end of the course, another individual meeting is held to summarize the achievements. The total cost of the therapy is about PLN 1,000.

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