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Contact lenses can be soft or hard, they can replace ordinary glasses or glasses with bifocals. There are also colored contact lenses on the market that can emphasize or change the color of the eyes. Contact lenses: this is worth knowing.

Soft contact lenses

The most common lenses arecontact lenseswhich have water-binding capacity. As a result, they remain very soft all the time. Thesecontact lensesare thin. They are made of materials that allow the free flow of oxygen to the surface of the eyeball. The great advantage of currently worn contact lenses is that you do not have to remove them even when you are very active. During sports, contact lenses provide better depth perception and correct peripheral vision. Contrary to glasses, there is no problem with their fogging during increased effort. Contact lenses do not become foggy when the temperature suddenly changes from cold to warm.

How to fit your contact lenses

Which contact lenses to choose? The first professional fitting of contact lenses by a specialist doctor can minimize or even eliminate the possibility of possible irritation. After your eye examination, your ophthalmologist will take multiple measurements to obtain the best fit of your contact lenses. It should be remembered that contact lenses are also worn by people who do not need them. We are talking about colored contact lenses, i.e. those that change the color of the eyes. However, even in this case, contact lenses should be adjusted by a specialist. Eyes vary in shape and size. That's why it's so important to wear lenses that suit your eyesight. Borrowing or buying contact lenses over the counter can lead to serious eye problems.

How to take care of contact lenses?

If you wear contact lenses, it is important to take care of them. If they are properly cared for and regularly replaced with new ones, it can affect the he alth of your eyes. In order for contact lenses to serve as well as possible, you need to care for them and strictly follow the rules for their care.
You have toremember that not all contact lenses are created equal. There are many factors that determine which are the most appropriate for a given person. These include: age, lifestyle and a visual impairment. Only an ophthalmologist can tell which of the contact lenses available on the market will best meet our individual needs.
A wide selection of soft contact lenses opens up interesting possibilities for people who wear them. Most of the contact lenses on the market today are recommended for frequent replacement. such contact lenses not only optimize the quality of vision, but also maintain perfectly he althy eyes.

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