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Fudge madness is a mental disorder that causes a sick person to launch various types of attacks, mainly against courts and public offices. The attacks are the result of injustice that, in the subjective reasoning and under the influence of the disease, the person experiences. As a result of the (usually false) belief in the malice and hostility of a given office, man's behavior begins to be ruled by obsession, a desire for revenge, and insanity.

Pampering madnessare actions and behaviors of people who feel unfairly treated against public institutions. Subjective feelings make such a person (also known as a forensic querulant) determined to prove their reasons, in which they deeply believe. Pieniacz adopts a demanding attitude, trying to force his "opponent" to make a concession. Depending on the type of foaming, we can talk about either a severe psychosis resulting from delusions, or an ordinary laxity, which has its source in the specificity of the human personality.

Pieniny - symptoms

You can't put all the foams in one bag. Muddy madness is a fairly general formulation that does not allow us to precisely define all the symptoms that occur. They depend on the type of foaming and its intensity. There are three basic types of foaming insanity: true psychosis, delusional reaction, and insanity.

  • True psychosis

Is a common mental disorder that requires treatment. The main symptom of psychosis is delusions, i.e. false beliefs, resistant to rational persuasion. A person is convinced that reality is as he imagines it. Despite the illogical interpretation, it is difficult to get the sick person out of wrong thinking. He is resistant to persuasion. Believes in things that can stand in opposition to logic or life experience. In this case, man is able to imagine many things, such as betrayal or persecution. Therefore, he absolutely demands that the persons indicated by him be punished, even if state institutions do not find evidence of their guilt. As a last resort, such a person, in his paranoia, may also attack courts or offices that have not taken his side. An interesting phenomenon closely related to this type of foaming is insanity. It's formfoaming, which is granted to third parties who have had contact with the foamer and are under its influence.

  • Delusional reaction

In this case, the cause of foaming is the most important. A delusional reaction arises out of a human failure. Most often, these failures are the refusal of the office (court), e.g. refusal to grant a pension, unfavorable court verdict, refusal to admit to school. A person experiencing a delusional reaction is convinced that the unfavorable decision of the office is the fault of the officials and the intention to harm it. Man is not able to look at the problem objectively, he rejects the interpretation of offices, which ends, for example, with endless reference to institutions standing above. Such a person is capable of many actions, e.g. slander, insulting, harassing, making serious accusations.

  • Warchief

This is the mildest version of the foaming insanity. It results from a very selfish approach to life. Man considers himself the wisest, does not recognize the right of others, does not tolerate other opinions, and is very demanding in his behavior. His interpretation of reality is subjective, the most important. The law should adapt to it. The manifestation of insolation is, among others writing denunciations, appeals, grievances - just to make life difficult for others.

The common feature of all types of pimping is the desire to tease others. A forensic querulant may even be aware that his accusations or denunciations are groundless and that his victim is innocent, but by using various persecution tools against him, he has the satisfaction that he makes life difficult and condemns him to stress. Pieniacze like to appeal against sentencing and decisions. By exercising their right of appeal, they do so for years, extending the process of the proceedings as long as possible. Even if it does not bring the expected result, it gives him satisfaction that by making work difficult for someone or by paralyzing the functioning of some offices, he has made a kind of revenge.

PieniACY - where does it come from?

Frothiness results from a specific personality and traits that favor falling into the madness of foams. It is also a feature of some cultures and ingrained habits for which there is social consent. This is the case, among others, in Poland, where there is a lot of foaming, and the foaming itself is defined as our national trait. In other countries, such as Germany, it is a marginal phenomenon. Nevertheless, various types of frowning are known to officials all over the world.

Personal life also has an impact on bullying. Usually, the mushroom madness is the domain of people who are emotionally unfulfilled in life.Because they have no family, are not loved and do not love themselves, they fill their emotional gap with the emotions that their foamy gives them.

Pieniny gives meaning to their lives, they have a sense of a mission to fulfill and feel needed. Court querulants are usually people who have high ambitions to appear in the minds of other people, to stand out from the crowd. They claim to be heralds of the truth and fight the justice system in its name. At the same time, they have a lot of energy and self-denial, which allows them to act widely on this issue, without being discouraged by failures.

It's hard not to admit that foamy people are people with a mental disorder, because they are obsessed with their behavior. At the same time, they are blind and in some situations they pose a serious threat to the environment. An example may be cases when people who were not willing to grant benefits, for example, committed murders (an example is the high-profile case of setting fire to clerks by a man dissatisfied with the decision of the office).

Pieniny - how to heal?

A typical disease background is true psychosis and delusional reactions. In these cases, we are dealing with a morbid insanity that can be remedied by specialist psychotherapy. The problem, however, is the distrust of patients who believe that they are being persuaded to have the disease. They are not aware of the disorders and do not want to be treated, and without their consent and subsequent cooperation with the therapist, a cure will not be achieved. Moreover, the lack of trust in doctors results from the general distrust of all institutions. The paranoid thought that everyone is against makes the foaming psychiatrists bypass. Compulsory treatment is a chance for recovery, but it is only possible when the person is incapacitated and no longer has to personally consent to the treatment or has caused social harm and the court has recommended compulsory treatment in an appropriate center.

It is difficult to heal yourself from insanity. It is certainly easier for those who represent the third type of foaming - insolence. They are people who still have some objectivity and with good persuasion you can make them aware of their problem. Since foaming infringes offices and officials and can paralyze their work, the legal system also tries to counteract money-making by imposing pen alties on them, for example for wrongful accusations or false notifications of a crime.

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