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Foreign trip insurance is the basis, regardless of whether you choose an organized trip or want to dive or go skiing on your own. It is worth choosing travel insurance according to your needs and it is not worth saving on it.

Skier's insuranceshould be slightly different thandiver's insurance- each of them is exposed to slightly different problems. Even if you are going on vacation with a travel agency, check your insurance policy before leaving, because most often, the compulsory travel insurance purchased with a trip only applies to the basic variants.

Diving: what insurance for the diver?

Diver insurance is a special insurance created by divers for divers. In addition to the diving option, it also serves as an additional travel insurance. Diver packages have a modular structure of protection, so you can adjust the insurance to your needs. You can buy diving insurance in one of the insurance companies. You can also join DAN or the Divers Alert Network - popularly known as the "divers safety net" - the largest global diving organization. In addition to many other benefits, belonging to DAN allows you to use specialist insurance policies valid around the world without any additional fees, immediate activation of the insurance policy and the optional possibility of receiving the relevant documents within 24-48 hours. in Europe, assistance in completing the required formalities in the event of an accident.

Skiing trip: ski insurance

When buying ski insurance, first of all pay attention to the insurance coverage, which is actually much more important than its price. Remember that the higher the guaranteed amount, the more likely your insurance will cover the actual costs of your treatment. It is also important whether the insurer undertakes to cover the costs of search, rescue and transport costs, and to what amount. The policy for a skier should also include third party liability insurance and insurance for the equipment you take with you. Do not forget to read the General Terms and Conditions of the Insurance carefully so that you know under whichsituations, the insurer's liability is excluded.

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