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Although the holidays are still ahead of us, it's high time to plan them. We recommend a holiday in a spa. Water and manual massages, capsule treatments, bubble baths, mud wraps - the offer is very rich. What should you follow to make a good choice?

There are 43 towns in Poland with the status ofhe alth resorts . Most of them are located in mountain and foothill areas, where the greatest number of springshealing waterscan be found. But the spa treats not only waters, but also gases contained in some spas,peloidand of course the climate.

Spa - healing waters and peloid

Not all water flowing out of an underground spring is used in medicine. It is determined by its purity, constant type and concentration of biochemical components. Medicinal mineral water should contain at least 1000 mg of minerals per liter. Poland has rich deposits of such waters, most often chloride-sodium, bicarbonate, sulphide-hydrogen sulphide, radium and thermal waters. They are used for bathing, inhalation, rinsing and drinking treatments. Krynica and Lądek Zdrój have the most mineral springs, but there are also many other resorts. They have a diverse chemical composition and therefore can be used in the treatment of many diseases - gastric, gynecological, metabolic diseases and obesity. The waters also contain gases useful in balneology - carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon, oxygen, ozone.
Peat, i.e. mud-like peat, is just as valuable as water. It is rich in organic acids and mineral s alts. Although the composition of peloid varies, depending on the plants from which they were produced, they all have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and also provide excellent skin care.

You must do it

It is a combination of relaxing massage, drainage, thermotherapy, acupressure and aromatherapy. The treatment uses volcanic stones - hot and cold. They are moved along the energy flow channels and placed on the chakras - according to Chinese medicine. The stones deeply warm up the body, accelerate blood circulation, relax muscles, and have a relaxing effect. Aromatic oils further enhance this. The massage is recommended for stressed, exhausted people with increased muscle tone. It is also indicated in rheumatic, muscle, joint and other ailmentsroot pains. A face massage with warm volcanic stones relaxes the muscles, increases blood circulation, reduces redness and inflammation of the skin, ideal for acne skin.

He alth resorts on the climate map

Even in a completely he althy person, climatic stimuli can make you feel better or worse. So when planning a sick leave, it is even more necessary to take it into account (see table). The mountain and sea climate have the greatest impact on the body. The former is characterized by high insolation, frequent and rapid temperature drops, dry and thin air, sudden pressure changes. These stimuli include stimulate the production of red blood cells, force the lungs to work harder and increase their capacity. In mountain and foothill spas, good bioclimatic conditions are good all year round, but the best in September and October.
On the other hand, the air at the seaside is humid, saturated with numerous elements from seawater, the pressure is high, and the weather is variable, often windy. It is a balm for the respiratory tract that helps to clear them and training for the immune system to strengthen immunity. It is best to stay in seaside spas from June to September. Only the moderate climate of the lowlands does not elicit strong body responses and is therefore suitable for everyone. But even here it takes a few days to acclimatize until the body gets used to the new conditions, usually it suffers from drowsiness, weakness and headaches. And in mountain and seaside resorts it takes up to a week, so it's better to go there for longer.

WhereWhat to treatContraindications
In the mountainsrespiratory diseases, anemia, hyperthyroidismhypertension, migraine, coronary heart disease, recent heart attack
At the seasiderespiratory diseases, bronchial asthma, allergies, skin diseases, rheumatism, varicose veinscardiovascular failure, rheumatism, hyperthyroidism
In the lowlandshypertension, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, neurosisallergies - during the flowering period of allergenic plants
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