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Blood has a rich and diverse symbolism in the dream books. Therefore, translating the image of the blood that appears in our dream may not be easy. Usually it depends on its context. According to the dream book, what can a dream about blood tell us? Is it worth believing in dreams? How dreams affect mental he alth?

Bloodaccording to thedream bookmay have different meanings. In some cultures it was worshiped as the element of life, in others - considered a symbol of death and impurity. The same is true of dream translations in which the thread of blood appears. In some situationsblood dreamis a warning of illness or disgrace, at other times it is a sign of wisdom or fertility.

Dream interpretation - blood: what can it mean?

Dreams of blood are often associated with the concept of strength. People who dream about her are strong, full of vital energy, vitality (if the dream is about violence, it is an image of a destructive force). Blood also relates to their feelings: strong emotions that we are experiencing or going to be. Sometimes the dreams are erotic or fertile. They mean the need for support, they say that we are worried about someone and that we feel anxious, but sometimes they reflect our own psychological wounds and the need to heal them.

Dream interpretation - blood from the nose- the sight of blood flowing from the nose is not good news. It portends illness or misfortune, and even death. It can also be a sign of great concern or a visit to the court - not necessarily pleasant for us.

Dream interpretation - menstrual / menstrual blood / period- the picture of menstrual blood has always been associated with wisdom and fertility. For a dreamer of menstrual blood, it means achieving a higher initiation, a high level of knowledge, gaining life wisdom. The dream books also explain such dreams as an announcement of freeing oneself from problems or as a sign of the upcoming period of creativity and great ideas.

In explaining such dreams the context is important, e.g. the person who dreams. If it is a young woman, she can expect positive changes, if the older one should start acting, the pregnant one should be careful with the baby. A woman who dreams that she cannot see blood on her underwear is subconsciously afraid of motherhood or worried about unplanned intercourse.

A dream about menstruation that is dreamingfor men, it is extremely rare and can mean struggling with problems beyond strength. A dream in which we talk about menstruation (our own or someone else's) means that we should forgive someone, but sometimes it is translated as an announcement of family quarrels that will end, i.e. it is a symbol of cleansing, moving to another stage.

Dream interpretation - blood from the mouth- spitting blood symbolizes we alth. If a young person has such a dream, it could nevertheless mean illness or gossiping about us and unfair slander. It can also portend verbal conflicts with the family. According to some dream books, blood flowing from the mouth may be an image of guilt caused by your speech.

Dream interpretation - blood from the head- dream about blood flowing from the head means weakness - both spiritual and physical.

Dream interpretation - blood from the ear- warns against disregarding someone's right advice.

Dream interpretation - blood from the finger- this is a warning against a thief. If blood is flowing from the hand, it can be a symbol of hesitating before taking on challenges, apathy in action.

Dream interpretation - blood from the eyes- is an expression of fear for the future.

Dream interpretation - blood in the mouth- may be a warning against serious he alth problems of the dreaming person.

Dream interpretation - blood on the hands- such a dream may remind you of a feeling of guilt (not necessarily real), which sits deep in our subconscious. Sometimes it can foreshadow a dangerous situation in which we will get caught up in it and a warning that we must act responsibly and not meddle in the affairs of others. If we dream that someone's hands are stained with blood - we should be careful not to hurt someone.

Dream interpretation - vaginal blood- means trouble and lack of understanding in love.

Dream interpretation - blood in the urine- the sight of blood is a harbinger of shame and shame that awaits us. In many dream books this dream is translated as an announcement of a child's illness.

Dream interpretation - blood on the face- a harbinger of a difficult period in life. Maybe it turns out that we have problems at work, or maybe we will be forced to fight for love, friendship, keeping the family together.

Dream interpretation - blood: symbol of life

Blood means life. We owe our existence to her presence in the body - it is a source of oxygen and nutrients for us. Therefore, the dreams of losing her were treated as foreshadowingdisease, weakness, death. It was such an important and precious substance that it was sacrificed to the gods: to appease their anger, as a ransom, to receive their favors, or as food that the deities needed to remain on their divine pedestal.

Sacrificial blood in many religions was attributed to magical power - it was smeared on the doorframe in defense against evil spirits or against divine punishment - like the Jews on Easter night. It was also sprinkled on the graves of the dead to ensure them a prosperous life in the afterlife. It has also become a symbol of fertility - in many cultures blood was poured over the fields to ensure a good harvest.

In many cultures, blood was treated as the seat of the soul - it is still the case in Islam today. In Muslim countries, it is forbidden to eat the blood of animals for this reason, so as not to transfer animal nature to human. Many primitive peoples, however, drank the blood of animals on purpose to gain their powers. Similarly, the blood of enemies was drunk to conquer their souls and defeat them.

As the source of life, blood appears in stories about vampires and demons attacking innocent people. In the south of ancient Europe, blood was an aphrodisiac and also a sign of brotherhood - people who wanted to become one exchanged drops of their own blood. The boys' blood was also dropped during the initiation ritual, i.e. going from childhood to adulthood, becoming a warrior, etc.

Dream interpretation - blood: death and impurity

Blood, however, is most often associated with suffering and death, especially the unnatural one that comes suddenly and insidiously. Blood often aroused terror and heralded misfortune, it was an image of passing, wounded, sometimes fatal.

Dreams about blood flowing from wounds of other people were translated as an announcement of inflicting pain, harming. But also in this context, it did not lose its unique meaning: for some peoples it was the red drops flowing from the bodies of killed people or suicides that were worshiped as medicines for all diseases and problems.

In many religions, blood was also associated with impurity. From the blood of a murdered man, through the blood of sacrificial animals to the blood of menstruation, it was a symbol of contamination and exclusion. Those contaminated with it were thrown outside the fringes of the community: both murderers, executioners, and menstruating women were not allowed to pray in the temples.

Women were not allowed to prepare meals during or after childbirth, men were not allowed to touch them, and they were not allowed to touch other people to contaminate them. This was the case in ancient Israel - that is why such a stir was caused by a woman with a hemorrhage in the Gospelshe dared to touch Jesus' garment.

Everything changed with the advent of Christianity, when the blood shed on the cross became a symbol of cleansing from sins. From then on, it acquired a meaning similar to the symbolism of water and fire - it was an image of washing away wine, rebirth or rebirth into life.

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