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For most of us, dreams are a permanent part of our lives. We remember some of them, others we do not. We can consider the elements of sleep as meaningful because they are a reflection of our psyche. However, this opinion is not shared by everyone. Some people think that dreams are a meaningless mixture of pictures, sounds and emotions. So, what effect do dreams about, among others about a rat, have on our mental he alth?

Are dreams important?Dreams can be meaningful to the person who dreams them. They have a psychological basis and can often be an unconscious reflection of our inner fears, fears, desires, hopes and fantasies. Of course, we can read almost anything in dreams because they arise in our minds. Therefore, we assign certain ideas or thoughts to them so that they mean what we want them to mean. Is that okay? Some researchers and psychologists believe that dreams represent current psychological stress or struggle that is expressed in an environment considered safe. They often ask their patients to write down their dreams in a dream diary and try to look for themes in them that may affect the patient's life.

After all, dreams should be taken with a pinch of s alt - they are not our most valuable source of information about ourselves and our lives. Remember that it's more important to get a good night's sleep than to wonder what your dreams mean. It is worth remembering that during sleep, the entire body regenerates, and most of all, the damage caused in the brain during wakefulness is repaired.

How to interpret a dream about a rat?

Dream about a rat , according to dream books from Asia, e.g. in China or India, it has good connotations, but in our region of the world the dream about a rodent is not well associated. This is due to the tradition in which these animals have negative symbolism: they always harmed the farm, spread plague and stole food.

Already in the Bible, the rat was considered an unclean animal, associated with evil. In Christian symbolism, especially in the Middle Ages, like the mouse, he meant Satan. Little has changed over time. Rats were associated with many bad superstitions (impending death, misfortune), therefore their appearance in dreams also did not bode well for anything good. What exactly does the dream book write aboutrat?

Rat, in the broadest sense, symbolizes deceit and lies. Usually, a dream about him is to warn us of someone who wants to deceive us or is not honest with us. It can herald a situation of betrayal, slander behind our backs, or the appearance of someone who pretends to be our friend or ally, but in fact is plotting against us. Therefore, the dream of a rat is often a warning against a false friendship, from which we should run as far as possible.

The rat we dream about, according to some dream books, is also a symbol of shame and a harbinger of disease and catastrophe - both material and spiritual. The reason for such associations is the belief that rats leave the ship or the house feeling a threat (sinking or fire).

A rat appearing in a dream may mean the advent of unpleasantness and troubles that will gnaw our souls (this is the symbolism of an aggressive animal in particular) and the coming of bad news. But it can also reflect our fear and fear of losing something.

As an animal personifying evil and Satan, it also foreshadows sin. For a dreamer, a rat may also be a prediction of loss of he alth or its deterioration, if it is already sick, of a decline in strength, apathy in action, which in turn is a reflection of our overwork or fatigue.

Dream interpretation - running rat

A dream about a running rat may herald a great love for a dreamer who is unconsciously running away from a great feeling. But it can also be a reflection of the anxiety and threat that have crept or will creep into force - this translation comes from old Egyptian dream books.

Dream interpretation - rat in the house

Such a dream is a sign of changes. Unfortunately, they can be both positive and negative. Much then depends on the context in which the rat is dreaming. Many rats can testify to the arrival of fat days - they are symbols of we alth and abundance. One rat in a house, according to some dream books, is a sign of upcoming family disputes.

Dream interpretation - white rat / black rat

The color of the rodent we see may be important in explaining the dream. The black rat has bad connotations - it is associated with betrayal, a trick that must be prevented. The white rat is a positive prophecy - it portends unexpected help from someone we do not suspect of such will. It can even be a symbol of friendship with this person or an announcement of a ceasefire, i.e. reconciliation, clarification of old disputes.

Dream interpretation - attacking rat

Means that the dreamer has to rise to the occasion: take up the challenge, solve the problem that has been haunting him for a long time.Someone who is attacked by a rat in a dream must get rid of fear, often hidden in the subconscious. That is why it is worth to gain self-confidence after such a night and not to hesitate with every move.

Dream interpretation - dead rat

The sight of a dead rat foreshadows difficulties in making a decision, but it is also a signal that someone may be making the dreamer act against himself. Therefore, if it turns out that after a dream about a dead rat it is time for important decisions, you must make them in accordance with your conscience, and not under the pressure of others. Some dream books translate the dream of a dead rat as information about a threat that has passed.

Dream interpretation - rat bites

To be bitten in a dream by a rat is to fall into a hole dug by yourself or to lose something as a result of your own overzealousness. A bite can also be a harbinger of a false accusation or a long and tough competition.

Dream interpretation - nice rat

A nice rat and playing with him can unfortunately mean unpleasantness. In dreams, positive situations often foreshadow the opposite, so a nice rat can mean unpleasantness on the part of a false friend or someone from whom we do not expect an attack or unfair accusation.

Dream interpretation - to see a rat

It's seeing false friends around you.

A rat in a dream as an omen of happiness in love

Many dream books give several positive explanations about sleep and feelings, including: love. These are probably influences of other cultures, especially eastern ones, where the rat is a symbol of we alth and happiness, and only its lack on the farm is interpreted as a bad omen.

In dreams, the appearance of a rodent may foreshadow a new relationship. On the other hand, a dream about chasing, catching or killing a rat may predict its breaking.

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