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VR fitness (Virtual Reality Fitness Games) is a new generation activity, during which we move to the virtual world. But don't worry, we're still practicing in real life and burning tons of real, not just virtual, calories! Check what VR Fitness Games are and learn about their possibilities.

Training at home is certainly an attractive and convenient form of physical activity, but over time it can become a bit boring and monotonous. VR fitness, i.e. Virtual Reality Fitness Games, comes to the rescue.

This is a physical activity fit for the 21st century. VR Fitness games are unforgettable fun using virtual goggles that allow us to multiply the emotions we experience during exercise. VR Fitness is not only well-known fitness exercises and strength training, but also various types of games with martial arts, dance and movement role-playing games. It sounds inviting? This is just the beginning!

VR fitness - what is it

Virtual Reality Fitness Games are virtual sports games. They consist in moving in accordance with the game's directions and its characteristics in specially prepared glasses (goggles), put on the face. Thanks to them, we can move to virtual reality and without leaving home we can move to another world. All we have to do is follow the plot of the game and follow certain commands.

VR fitness - equipment

To play VR Fitness games, you must have a PlayStation 4 console, professionally prepared VR goggles and a special camera, which can be purchased as a set or separately.

To play some VR fitness games on the console, you also need move controllers - i.e. light, about twenty-centimeter long plastic sticks that you hold in your hands while playing.

VR Fitness games are also adapted to desktop computers, and this was taken care of by the Oculus Rift company, which produced specially designed computer-compatible goggles and motion sensors for wrists.

Other brands that make virtual gaming hardware include HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

VR fitness - types of training games

VR Fitness games can be divided into different categories. You can choose from sports games, dance games or role-playing games. The most common categories for whichyou can split virtual games include:

  • martial arts, e.g. boxing, kickboxing, gladiatorial fights
  • skill games, e.g. archery, basketball, golf
  • dance games
  • role-playing games
  • team games, e.g. NBA
  • sports games, e.g. fitness training, strength training, squat challenge, winter sports, ping-pong, wingsuit, tennis

VR fitness - what are the possibilities?

  1. Exercise intensity : depends on the type of game you choose. Each specific game will also have its own progress path and the ability to select the intensity, so VR Fitness games will be perfect for everyone, regardless of the level of training.
  2. Training of individual body parts : VR Fitness games allow you to choose the game according to the player's preferences. Each game is characterized by the specificity of training stimulating the appropriate parts of the body. For example, if we want to focus on upper body training, we should choose a boxing or martial arts game, while lower body training will be successfully provided by appropriate role-playing games or kick-out games.
  3. Calorie Counter : Most VR Fitness games have a calorie counter feature. Thanks to this, we know exactly how much we gave and how intense our training was.
  4. Progress Monitor : Most VR fitness games have a built-in option to monitor your progress during a specific game. It greatly facilitates development and motivates to further training.
VR fitness - what are the results?

The results that we can achieve during VR fitness games depend on the type of game we choose and our regularity and commitment.

For example, during a virtual fitness game you can burn up to 500 calories for an hour! Of course, it's not just about calories burned. VR Fitness games are, after all, an excellent substitute for standard strength training and thanks to them you can sculpt a satisfactory muscle mass or slim your muscles.

It all depends on the type of physical activity in the virtual goggles that we decide on. What's more, during VR Fitness games, we can improve our physical condition, increase fitness and agility and shape the figure, just as if we did it in a gym or fitness classes.

VR fitness - price

The costs of Virtual Reality Fitness Games equipment depend on the brand and solution that we choose when selecting the equipment. For example, a set for PlayStation consisting of goggles, a cameramonitoring movements and traffic controllers costs about PLN 1,300. On the other hand, the Oculus Rift set consisting of glasses and motion controllers costs about PLN 2,000. You also have to take into account whether we have equipment to which we will connect. If we do not have a PlayStation 4 or a modern, high-performance desktop computer, we must also include the cost of this type of equipment in the cost estimate.

Check what VR fitness training looks like

VR fitness - advantages and disadvantages

VR Fitness games have many advantages, but also some disadvantages. It is worth summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of VR Fitness games.

  • break with routine and monotony
  • perfect entertainment
  • combination of business and pleasure
  • no specialized exercise equipment needed
  • possibility of training without leaving home


  • high price
  • you need a lot of space to train
  • training depends on electronic equipment

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