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Extending the retirement age to the age of 67 presents us with many challenges. Not only professional, because you have to have somewhere to work. Also he alth-related - we must be in good he alth enough to cope with work until old age and enjoy life at the same time.

In this context, prevention takes on a completely new meaning. Of course, it is about protecting yourself against cancer and civilization diseases. This means, above all, having sufficiently frequent tests that can detect the developing disease. Thanks to this, we have a better chance of a complete recovery and a long life. It is also important that our treatment is cheaper then. The second, equally important problem is aging and staying in the best condition and good he alth as long as possible. For this, you need a he althy lifestyle, a balanced diet, playing sports, and the ability to deal with stress.

The battle for the he alth of Poles

In Poland, he alth problems that exclude us from work occur much more often than in other European Union countries. And here European funds come to the aid of institutions and organizations that care for the he alth of Poles. Active and he althy aging is a part of the Knowledge Education Development Program (POWER).

EU funds can be used by medical universities, clinical hospitals, and research institutes. The projects they will implement relate to the prevention of diseases that most often make it impossible to return to work. In addition to cancer, this list includes cardiovascular, bone-joint-muscular and respiratory diseases as well as mental diseases.

Projects that are designed to maintain and extend our professional activity and keep us in good he alth also have a chance of being co-financed from Regional Operational Programs (ROPs). They were created in each voivodeship and are slightly different from each other.

Back to life and work

Projects that have a chance for EU support from the ROP should concern projects that will allow patients to regain their physical or mental fitness, and thus they will be able to return to work and social activity.

Projects may concern rehabilitation that takes place in a hospital and its further stages - in a centerrehabilitation or at home, as well as the so-called late rehabilitation, which is designed to maintain already established pro-he alth habits and systematic training.

What types of projects can get funding here? Let's see it on the example of the Silesian Voivodeship. And so, one of the goals of the voivodeship's regional program is to support the improvement of access to prophylaxis, diagnostics and therapeutic rehabilitation, thanks to which we can return to work or age in good he alth.

What the grant

In the ROP of the Śląskie Voivodeship 2014-2020, entrepreneurs who intend to implement, inter alia, programs related to:

  • medical rehabilitation to facilitate return to work,
  • prophylaxis towards early detection of colorectal, breast and cervical cancers,
  • diseases that are a significant he alth problem in the region.

The program focuses not only on solving specific he alth problems. It is also supposed to support projects that will avoid disease. These are, for example, training or courses that help people who work in difficult conditions to get a new profession or workplace. And also for elderly people who, due to their age, cannot perform their current work anymore because it is too hard for them. Co-financing is also available for projects that allow you to eliminate the threat from the workplace.

Who can submit an application?Actually everyone except natural persons, unless they conduct business or educational activity under separate regulations.

This will be useful to you

Information on support from EU funds can be found on the website Here is also a list and addresses of European Funds Information Points, which provide comprehensive and free advice on this matter.


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