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A joint vacation is an opportunity to refresh and strengthen relationships between partners. But sometimes it's better to take a break from yourself, give yourself a break. Depending on the length of your relationship, it is worth choosing a different solution. Check what the psychologist advises!

Have you been on vacation together so far? This time, consider what better serves your relationship. It all depends on how long you have been together and what your relationship is.

Couple in love

They need a loved one to be happy. Lovers are reluctant to part even for a step.

  • Vacationing together for a couple who do not live together is a great way to test what a relationship really is. The trip is an opportunity to get to know each other better: to observe each other's habits and needs, to discover the first hot spots - believes Małgorzata Kołodziejek, psychologist and therapist. - But beware: if you haven't been so close so far, conflicts are inevitable! Don't break down, but learn and work to improve your relationship. These conflicts are not a bad prognosis for your relationship. They teach to act in such a way as to meet the needs of both parties.
  • Plan separate holidays if this is your first vacation and one of you wants to take a child with you from a previous relationship. The childless partner will be focused on close contact, and the partner-parent will pay more attention to the offspring - warns the psychologist. - In addition, children may have a negative attitude towards the new family member. This is too difficult for a couple who are just starting their relationship.
  • Go on vacation alone when a relationship turns into something serious and you have doubts about your partner. You need time to think about everything - the psychologist advises. - You will make the right decision when you think carefully and listen to your heart.

A harmonious duo for years

A few years after the wedding, you know each other inside out. You also had time to build a relationship based on friendship, sympathy and trust next to your passion.

  • When your partner is your best friend, having a vacation together will be great fun. His presence will provide a sense of security, the trip will be an opportunity to make up for emotional arrears.
  • The couples who have a must have separate holidayssmall children and short holidays. When each parent takes time off at different times, the children will have an attractive summer. - However, do not forget to spend at least 3 days together - reminds the psychologist. - It brings the family together.
  • A separate leave will be good for those who not only live but also work together. It is worth parting sometimes and allowing yourself and your partner to… miss you. - You will not only rest from each other, but you will also appreciate the moments when you have a partner by your side - adds the psychologist.

When it's not perfect

Many years have passed since the wedding, and there are tensions between you?

  • Ride together when problems arise from drifting apart or getting into routine. Do something crazy to feel alive and together again. Maybe a tent by the lake, a hot island?
  • Are you so busy that you don't have enough time to look after your relationship? On vacation, rested and satisfied, you will start talking again - says the psychologist. - This is an opportunity to find a lost closeness.
  • Think about a separate vacation, when there is a sharp conflict between you, you react to each other with impatience and anger. The magic of holidays will not bring everything back to normal - believes the psychologist. - On the contrary - you can both have a broken vacation.

Isn't a separate leave risky for the relationship?

What to do if you want to fry on the beach and he hates the sun but loves climbing (and you are afraid of heights)? - If there is a lot of trust and a sense of security in your relationship, you can spend your holidays separately - says Małgorzata Kołodziejek. - In a mature relationship, people should have space to pursue their passions and interests. After the holidays you will meet satisfied and longing for each other.

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