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I have type 1 diabetes since 2004, I'm 19 years old. How much does an insulin pump cost and how do I use it? Can I switch from insulin to tablets? To have a pump, you need to undergo some treatment?

If you can use the Internet, why do you know so little about your disease and its treatment? Type 1 diabetes can only be treated with insulin, so the pills are not for you. The pumps are different, so their prices are also - from 4,000 to 10,000, but there is also the latest model of insulin pump for 17,000. You can buy them in installments, in a loan, but the pump accessories costs about PLN 300 per month. Connecting the pump does not require any treatment, apart from changing the injection every 3-4 days, but its operation requires a lot of knowledge from the patient and frequent checks of sugar levels.

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Jolanta Mętrak

In addition to specializing in internal diseases, he also deals with professional weight loss, he works at the DAMIANA Medical Center and the "Czajkowscy" Polyclinic in Piaseczno (14 Kilińskiego Street).

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