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Anal sex is a form of sexual activity that many people enjoy. According to the report of prof. Zbigniew Izdebski "Sexuality of Poles" such experiences have every sixth adult inhabitant of Poland. However, anal sex is the most risky form of sexual behavior in terms of the possibility of contracting HIV. Check how to prepare for anal sex so that it will satisfy you and your partner or partner, and at the same time be safe.

Anal sexheterosexual couples are more and more eagerly practicing. Why has this type of intercourse become so popular? The influence of pornography on the tastes of men and women and the desire to transfer the forms of sex shown in it into reality is not without significance here. From the men's point of view, anal sex seems attractive because the anal fissure is narrower than the vagina and therefore intercourse may be more sensational.

You have to remember, however, that anal sex requires appropriate hygienic procedures and gradual accustoming of the anus to penetration - otherwise the intercourse may end up not very pleasant.

  1. Anal sex - what is it?
  2. Anal sex - how to prepare?
  3. anal sex - variants
  4. anal sex - side effects
  5. Anal sex - Best Positions

Anal sex - what is it?

Anal sexis a form of intercourse in whichstimulates your partner's anus . Stimulation can take place by introducing into the anus of the penis, but also fingers, tongue or erotic gadgets intended specifically for caressing this erogenous sphere (vibrators, anal balls, beads or plugs).

The sensations experienced during anal sex are very individual. There are many people who enjoy this type of caressthe most pleasure and intensifies the orgasmobtained through traditional intercourse.

However, there is a large group ofanal sex pain , regardless of the technique used and prior preparation. You shouldn't be worried about this, or worse, feel guilty about it. The rectum is not physically adapted to intercourse, the rectal mucosa is extremely sensitive, andmoreover, it does not produce mucus to facilitate intercourse like the vagina. All these factors make anal sex uncomfortable for some people.

Anal sex - how to prepare?

There are a few steps to follow before anal sex.

1. Hygiene

The rectum is physiologically empty. An enema performed before anal sex is not necessary, but it certainly improves psychological comfort and cleans the rectum of the few remaining lumps.

However, it cannot be denied that this place has a rich bacterial flora. The most important thing in the prevention of infections is to respect the rule:after anal caresses, do not put your finger or penis in the vagina - first wash it thoroughly or change the condom . This protects the vagina from getting bacteria out of the anus. The other way around, this rule does not apply. After vaginal caresses, you can have anal sex.

Anal sex is allowed ONLY if both partners agree to it.

Check: How to properly do an enema?

2. Lubricant and condom

For anal sex to be comfortable and safe,it is necessary to purchase lubricant , which is an intimate moisturizing gel. The rectal mucosa does not produce a slippery film to reduce friction like the vagina, so any penis or finger penetration into the rectum can cause irritation.

Contrary to appearances, ejaculation during anal sex can also lead to pregnancy (when the sperm flows out and gets into the genital area), so it's better to use a condom. But the most important reason for a condom during anal penetration isthe high risk of transmitting intimate diseases . The anus area is even more vulnerable to harmful microbes than the vagina, so anal sex is more likely to cause HIV infection, syphilis, gonorrhea or any other sexually transmitted disease.

3. Gentle caresses from the outside

For anal sex to be rewarding, partners need to be aroused and relaxed. From a practical point of view, the easiest way to achieve this is to start the sexual act with a vaginal intercourse, stop at some point and move on to anal caresses - but without the participation of the penis!You need to give your partner time to get ready to be touched in this special place . Slow, gentle caresses from the outside work wonders and allow you to gradually relax the clenched muscle. So you can start by stroking, kneading the buttocks with your hands, and then move on togentle caresses around the anus (only from the outside).

4. Fondling the inside with a finger

Then you can proceed to the next phase of anal sex - caressing inside the anus with your finger. In this way, we prepare this sensitive place to receive the penis. With the right hydration and the full sense of the touch of a caress, this extremely erogenous zone, rich in nerve endings, will not bring pain, on the contrary - will cause many positive feelings. Remember that Rome was not built in a day and you should get used to this particular form of contact.

5. Penetration attempt

In the next stage, you can try to insert the penis into the anus, but if your partner feels pain at any time - this is a sign to stop and return to caressing in some time. You can also, instead of going straight to penis penetration, use anal plugs of different diameters. We start with the smallest, and when the intercourse no longer causes discomfort, we move on to a larger size cork.


Anal sex - variants

"Traditional" anal sex involves penis penetration, but there are also other forms of caressing around the anus:

  • fingering- this is inserting fingers into the anus, it is a very good form of introduction to this type of sex;
  • fisting- this is inserting the whole clenched fist into the anus;
  • rimming- stimulation of the anal area with the use of the tongue (licking, inserting the tongue into the anus). In addition, you can insert various erotic gadgets into the anus, such as anal plugs, plugs, beads or vibrators.

anal sex - side effects

Unlike the vagina, which is biologically adapted to penetration, the rectum is only meant for defecation. What's more, a strong anus muscle becomes "involuntarily" tight under the influence of external stimuli, for example when trying to insert a finger or the penis. Therefore, the first anal intercourse may cause pain in the partner - the use of lubricants and the slow and gradual introduction of the penis will be helpful.

Although it is emphasized that while maintaining hygiene and treating anal sex not as a substitute for vaginal intercourse, but as a kind of variety in intimate life, side effects occur rarely after the first intercourse, but they may appear. In addition to abrasions of the epidermis and perianal fissures (skin cracks around the anus), these include inflammatory changes around the anus, eczema, genital warts.

Anal sex and hemorrhoids

Most doctors believe that anal sexincreases the risk of future hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, it is not the direct cause of the disease, which is also influenced by a number of other factors (including a poor diet, poor in fiber, constipation or a sedentary lifestyle). However, there are scientific studies that prove that anal sex is a kind of training for the vessels around the anus and even prevents hemorrhoids. After a few years, a large group of women who engage in this type of sex had fewer cases of haemorrhoids than in the group who had sex in a classic way.

It is worth noting that anal sex is strongly discouraged when we already have hemorrhoids.

Anal sex and anal sphincter relaxation

Safe anal sex also has no negative impact on stool holding. The muscles in the anus are capable of both contracting and relaxing. After anal sex, the anus is still "open" for a while - the muscle is relaxed, but it quickly returns to the state of tension. Exercising several times a day to tighten and relax the muscles of the anus (which can be done in the course of everyday activities) greatly improves this process. By contracting the muscles of the anus, we also exercise the pelvic floor muscles, which is important both for the quality of sexual intercourse, prevents urinary incontinence and has a positive effect on the course of labor.

Other side effects

In extreme cases, anal sex can also lead to other side effects, such as:

  • intestinal perforation,
  • rectal prolapse,
  • human papillomavirus infection,
  • hepatitis A,
  • hepatitis C,
  • with E. coli (Escherichia coli)
  • HIV or other sexually transmitted infections

Anal sex - Best Positions

These sex positions will make anal intercourse easier for you and make your sensations really deep

Anal sex: position from behind

The partner stands on all fours with her back to her partner, the man kneels behind her and presses her buttocks tightly against him. In order to make it as easy as possible for the ground floor to penetrate the anus, the partner should place her breasts on the bed and push her buttocks up as much as possible. If she doesn't feel her partner in her well enough, she should bring her legs together - this way it will provide both of them with a stronger experience.

Anal sex: elephant thrust

The lover lays down on her stomach and pulls out the body like a kitty. Slightly spreads the straightened legs. She calmly waits for her partner to cover her with his body. He comes slowly from behind andputs on it. He puts his hands on either side of her body, about at the same level as her shoulders, and as she introduces the lingam, she leans back. We call this position Elephant Thrust. Although the lover is not very much able to move, she can dispense pleasure by squeezing and relaxing her legs. If it opens wide, it will allow the man to penetrate deeply. If, on the other hand, he shortens his legs and tense the thigh muscles, he will trap the penis in the middle and make his every movement much more noticeable. By tilting her head forward, she will allow the man to kiss and bite her neck. The degree of difficulty of the position depends on the physical condition of the partner, who must keep his hands on his hands during penetration. If he lacks strength, he can always lie on his mistress. However, it must be remembered that in this way it will limit its movements, and even worse, if it is much heavier, it may inadvertently crush it with its body. Therefore, this position is not recommended if the male weighs much more than the female

Anal sex: position of the goddess Indrani

Kamasutra recognizes the knowledge of this position as a higher level of initiation in the art of physical love. It owes its name to the goddess Indrani, the wife of the Indian god of war and storm Indra. The position allows the man to penetrate deeply as well as manually stimulate the clitoris. The woman lays on her back, brings her knees to her chest, and rests her feet on her partner's breasts. The partner is kneeling in front of her, resting on his hands resting on her thighs. The man only seemingly plays a dominant role during the rapprochement, because his partner's bent legs act as a shock absorber, thanks to which she determines the rhythm and depth of the thrusts.

Anal sex: wheelbarrow

The man stands on slightly bent legs, the woman goes on all fours in front of him. The partner grabs her by the thighs and lifts her high, she rests her straightened arms on the ground. The layout resembles a gardener pushing a wheelbarrow. The partner has the ability to penetrate deeply and he is the dominant party during intercourse. The difficulty is that he has to support his partner's weight with her torso hanging in the air.

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