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Testosterone deficiency syndrome not only lowers libido and causes erectile dysfunction, but also negatively affects other aspects of a man's life. When does testosterone deficiency syndrome appear and how to deal with it?

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome(TDS; Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome) is a term doctors use when a drop in blood testosterone levels are accompanied by clinical symptoms of testosterone deficiency. The process of aging a man, i.e. a gradual decrease in testosterone levels, begins after the age of 40.

It is assumed that after the age of 60, approx. 20 percent men have hormonal disorders, which consist in a drop in the blood levels of androgens, mainly testosterone. Since then, a man's reproductive capacity has decreased by about 1% annually. Therefore, instead of the commonly known term "andropause", it is more correct to call this condition "late hypogonadism" or "hormonal failure syndrome".

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome: a nagging hormone game

Clinical symptoms most severe for men are decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. There are many others that can be annoying. A man, if he notices them, should visit a urologist, andrologist or endocrinologist and perform the recommended tests. They allow you to choose the right, personalized treatment.


Too little testosterone - symptoms

Low testosterone manifests itself in many ways. In terms of physical he alth (specific symptoms), the following usually appear:

  • decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual activity,
  • reduction of morning and night erections,
  • enlargement and soreness of the mammary glands (gynecomastia),
  • hair thinning, some men have to shave less often,
  • reduction of testicle volume,
  • decrease in height,
  • reduction in muscle mass, strength and bone density (osteoporosis), leading to
  • for more frequent fractures,
  • excess body fat, especially around the abdomen,
  • hot flashes, sudden sweats.

The most common symptoms related to the sphere of the psyche (non-specific symptoms) are:

  • decrease in vital energy, decrease in self-confidence, reluctance to act,
  • irritability, depressed mood, memory and concentration deterioration,
  • sleep disturbance or insomnia,
  • decreased fitness and physical efficiency.

Testosterone deficiency syndrome: treatment with pills or injection

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men do not differ much from the symptoms in women in the perimenopausal period. And just like in women, also in men, hormone therapy can be used to improve the quality of life. Treatment of male "menopause" consists in the use of testosterone tablets (2-3 tablets daily, cost 15-20 PLN per month) or by intramuscular injection (one for several weeks). Transdermal testosterone preparations in the form of a patch glued to the skin are not available in Poland (currently no patch preparation is registered with us).

Only under the supervision of a doctor

During the therapy, blood tests are repeated to select the appropriate dose of the hormone. Usually, these are doses that allow you to maintain testosterone levels within the applicable standards. Such therapy is most often used chronically. Unfortunately, after stopping treatment, all unpleasant symptoms of testosterone deficiency return.

However, before a man reaches hormone therapy, he must balance the benefits and risks together with his doctor. Its use will be supported by the improvement of well-being, memory, sexual performance, etc. Contraindications to the use of testosterone are: suspected or existing prostate cancer or breast cancer, significant polycythemia, untreated sleep apnea, severe circulatory failure, obstruction in urine outflow caused by prostate adenoma (until remove the obstacle).

Gentlemen who take the hormone should have a urologist check-up every six months and regularly visit an endocrinologist or andrologist.


Too much testosterone - symptoms

Too high testosterone level is:

  • aggressive behavior (physical or verbal aggression),
  • increased sex drive,
  • increased blood pressure,
  • alopecia, the so-called bends over the forehead,
  • lush body hair appears,
  • slight increase in muscle mass,
  • persistent acne.

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