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Crooked toes, i.e. bunions are a common ailment of women. The formation of bunions is favored, among others, by wearing the wrong shoes and being overweight. How to deal with bunions? What are the remedies for bunions? Surgical treatment of bunions.

Bunionsusually arise imperceptibly. The feet are getting wider, pain in the metatarsus appears, the big toe slowly folds back and a bulge forms on the side. Then the second finger rises, does not protect the big toe from further deviation to the side and the deformation process continues.

Bunions need to be treated

Haluksyis a disease in most cases acquired and appropriate prophylaxis can significantly limit its development. That is why you need to see an orthopedic doctor as soon as you notice the first symptoms. Untreatedbunionscan lead to inflammation of the joint bursa (these are "cushions" protecting the bone joint), further deformation of the foot, and blood disorders. In case of bunions, baths and massages will bring relief. By the way - good advice for the summer: walking barefoot on the sand, for example on the beach, can also have a good effect in preventing or delaying the lesions associated with bunions. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and you need to use special plasters or inserts that pull the toe out. Such a bunion cover made of foam and felt protects against pressure, reduces pain and prevents swelling. Another type of protection against bunions is a special wedge. The perfect solution is corrective braces for bunions. They prevent and heal hallux valgus. They are also helpful in postoperative rehabilitation. Haluksy devices are available in selected pharmacies and medical and rehabilitation stores throughout the country.

Final solution: bunion surgery

If the bigbig toehas moved so far that even a few hours after removing the shoes it overlaps the neighboring toe, it is necessary to consult an orthopedist. Then the decision about bunion surgery can be considered. The type of surgical technique used depends on the degree of deformation of the big toe and other parts of the foot, which should never be forgotten. The Scarf surgical method, which has been used in recent years for bunions, takes into account the plasty of soft tissues. It gives good and long-lasting treatment resultsbunions. The advantage of this method is the possibility of an early operational load on the limb and the stable fixation of the fragments allowing for plaster-free treatment. Patients in a very short time after the bunion surgery (2-3 days) may put stress on the foot by using surgical shoes for walking. After about 6 weeks, patients return to walking in everyday shoes. The choice of treatment techniques or surgery for bunions depends on the orthopedist and the patient himself.

Haluksy - ways to heal

Feet can tell a lot about a person, his he alth, ailments and lifestyle. If they are neglected and distorted, they not only look unsightly, but also hurt. How to avoid the problem of bunions and how to deal with them when they appear? Listen to our expert Joanna Stodolna-Tukendorf, physiotherapist, podiatrist at the FootMedica Clinic.

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