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Knee pain after running or during training is a common ailment among runners. Usually it is located around the kneecap. Knee pain after running should not be taken lightly, because it may be a symptom of a more serious problem, the consequence of which may be permanent joint damage. What causes knee pain after running?

Knee pain after runningnot only may discourage you from this sport, but also make everyday life difficult. What are the most commoncauses of knee pain after running ? Most often, the kneecap is responsible for the pain in the knee. Problems can arise from improper joint structure or be the result of your carelessness and disregard for the early symptoms of joint damage.

Knee pain after running: early symptoms

Pain in the knees is often ignored - crackling, scratching inside the knee, especially when squatting, or knee pain that intensifies while sitting, is a reason to complain, but not to visit a doctor. And these are signs of progressive damage to the cartilage surface - its surface loses its perfect smoothness, becomes rough and rough, which causes these unpleasant symptoms.

Pain in the knees after running: physiological causes

  • uneven load on the patella - the syndrome of increased lateral support in the patellofemoral joint is caused by muscle imbalance (usually the medial part of the quadriceps is weakened) and ligamentous contractures - the side of the patella works more than the medial part - and begins to wear out faster
  • long-term sitting with bent knees - at the desk, behind the wheel leads to the formation of the so-called kinomana's knees - the cartilage in a sitting position is pressed all the time in one place and a kind of an imprint is formed on the cartilage
  • high heels - knees are not straightened, which disrupts the natural supply of nutrients and lubricants for the joint
  • structure of the knees - lateral attachment of the patellar ligament on the tibia, due to which the patella incorrectly dislocates (tilts to the sides) during normal functioning may predispose to damage to the patellofemoral joint.

Knee pain after running: training mistakes

Pain in the knees after running may also result from the mistakes of the person himselfrunner:

  • too intense training
  • wrong running technique
  • asph alt running
  • overtraining
  • shoes inappropriate for running, not taking into account, for example, foot defects (even flat feet)

Knee pain after running: what to do?

First of all, do not underestimate the problem: visit a doctor and perform the ordered tests, undergo rehabilitation if necessary.

Neglecting knee pain can lead to serious joint damage, and surgery may then be the only option. Temporarily with knee pain after running, you can help yourself in the following way:

  • make a cold-pack or plain ice pack on your knee
  • buy a kneecap support band - orthosis
  • take a break from training for a few days, and then start training with shorter distances
  • warm up more before running - check how you stretch your quadriceps, posterior thigh group, iliotibial band, calf muscles
  • you can also use topical painkillers, e.g. in the form of a spray or gel
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