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The hula hoop challenge in 30 days will allow you to strengthen your abs, slim your waist and get rid of unwanted "sides". Daily training does not take much time (20-30 minutes on average), and it is also a lot of fun. Try to face the hula hoop challenge to enjoy a slim, modeled figure after a month.

The hula hoop challengeis the perfect solution for girls who have little time to exercise and don't want to push themselves hard. Turning the hoop is more like playing than exercise, so despite your daily training, you shouldn't feel too tired. At the same time, the hula hoop is effective in shaping the figure: it strengthens the abdomen, slims the hips and waist, makes the body more flexible. In addition, daily training with a hoop has an anti-stress effect - it relaxes a tense spine, allows you to relax and releases positive energy.

To take up the challenge, you just need to get two things: a solid hula hoop (it can also be for children, but then it's better to load the wheel by pouring rice or sand into it) and about half an hour of free time a day. If you stick to the training plan diligently, after a month your stomach and waist will become thinner and your sides will be visibly smaller.

Hula hoop challenge rules

The challenge is 30 days. Every day (except for a few days of rest) you spin the hula hoop for the amount of time indicated in the table. Writing 5 min x 2 means that you are spinning 5 minutes one way and 5 minutes the other way (keeping symmetry is very important).

Before each workout, do a 10-minute hula hoop warm-up. Not only will it help you prepare your abs and waist muscles for exercise, it will also activate extra body parts such as your legs, shoulders and arms.

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Additional exercises for the waist

To make the challenge even more effective and the effects to appear faster, add waist exercises to your daily workouts: russian twist, side bends and leg transfers.

Hula hoop challenge: warm-up (10 mins)

Twirling the hula hoop around the hips

Stand slightly apart and place the hula hoop at waist level. Start twisting your hips slightly to set the wheel in motion. Try to keep your legs and the rest of your body still. Exercise freely for 2 minutes,to pre-warm the abdominal muscles.

Twisting the hula hoop around the wrist

Stand slightly apart, hang the hoop on the wrist of one hand and lift it to your side. With the other arm, let it slide freely along the side of your body. Make small circles with your arm and make sure that it does not slide above the wrist. Do the hula hoop for a minute, then switch sides and practice another minute (2 minutes in total).


Hang the hula hoop on one hand (fingers joined, thumb raised at right angles). Raise your hand up and start spinning the hula hoop overhead. The arm may be slightly bent at the elbow. Spin for a minute with one hand and a minute with the other hand (2 minutes in total).

Lasso for two hands

Put both hands together as if they were to pray for a prayer, with the clasped thumbs pointing upwards (so that they are perpendicular to the index fingers). Hang the hula hoop from the joined hands in this way and raise your arms vertically upwards. Start spinning the hula hoop over your head (your thumbs are to prevent the wheel from moving downwards). You can move your hips slightly at the same time. Exercise for a minute.

Rolling hula hoop with step

Start spinning the hoop around your waist. Once you get into the rhythm and the wheel is not coming off, slowly and carefully step to the side with one foot, then supply the other leg. After a while, take a step in the opposite direction and take your leg again. For two minutes, try to spin the rim and move from side to side at the same time.


Grab the bottom of the wheel with both hands (keep your hands close together). Bend your right leg at the knee and lift it up. Using your right hand, pass the hula hoop under your thigh, then pass the hoop to your left hand, lift it up, grab it with both hands and repeat the same movement, passing the hoop under your left thigh. Pass the wheel under one foot, then under the other foot. Exercise for a minute.

Hula hoop challenge: training plan

day 1day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6
3 min x 23 min x 24 min x 24 min x 25 min x 25 min x 2
day 7day 8day 9day 10day 11day 12
break6 min x 26 min x 27 min x 27 min x 28 min x 2
day 13day 14day 15day 16day 17day 18
8 min x 2break9 min x 29 min x 210 min x 210 min x 2
day 19day 20day 21day 22day 23day 24
11 min x 211 min x 2break12 min x 212 min x 213 min x 2
day 25day 26day 27day 28day 29day 30
13 min x 214 min x 214 min x 2break15 min x 215 min x 2

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