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Methods for fruit flies will work best in the kitchen, because this is where you can most often meet these annoying insects. Fruit flies appear out of nowhere and immediately colonize practically everything on their way - fruits, vegetables, open jam jars or glasses with juice or beer. How do I remove fruit flies from the kitchen?

Methods for fruit flieswill allow you to get rid of these annoying insects from the kitchen once and for all. However, before trying these effective methods, throw away what flies eat, such as cut fruit, vegetables, jam, juices, wine, etc.

The flies settle on these foods when they start to spoil. Then they lay eggs on them (fruit flies have a life cycle of only 10 days, so the process is quite fast).

The developing larvae feed on the microorganisms found on fruit or vegetables during decay.

It should also be noted that the flies can transmit microorganisms, e.g. those from the garbage on which they have just been feeding. In addition, you should clean the entire kitchen - wash the dishes and sink, cover the garbage can.

Remedies for fruit flies - fruit trap

Put sliced ​​pieces of fruit or their skins (e.g. apples) into a bowl. Then cover the bowl with cling film and stretch it tight so that there are no gaps.

Then prick the foil (with a toothpick or fork) in several places. This will create holes through which the flies will be able to fly in, but will not escape outside.

Fruit fly remedies - dishwashing liquid

Mix the water, fruit vinegar (or juice) and washing-up liquid in equal proportions. Pour it all into a jar and leave it in the kitchen overnight. In the morning the jar will be full of drowned midges. Its contents should be poured down the toilet.

Remedies for fruit flies - dryer

Direct a stream of hot air from the dryer towards fruit flies. Under its influence, insects will simply "fry".

Remedies for fruit flies - scented candles

Fruit flies do not tolerate some smells, e.g. menthol. Therefore, you can use metal oils or scented candles to combat them.

Remedies for fruit flies -vacuum cleaner

Fruit flies can be pulled into a vacuum cleaner. However, there is a high risk that you will not be able to catch them all, because insects fly quickly.

Ways to get fruit flies - traps from the store

Ifhome remedies for fruit fliesfail, you can buy ready-made liquid traps for these insects in the store, which will effectively help get rid of them from home. In addition, special flying insect stickers, sprays and electric repellers are available. Before buying, however, check that you can keep them close to your food.

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How to prevent fruit flies from spreading?

1. Regularly wash the dishes, clean the sink and drain. Do not leave wet sponges or cloths in it. 2. The rubbish bin should be covered and the rubbish itself disposed of regularly. 3. Close containers with food products carefully, especially the sweet ones - jams, preserves. 4. Try not to keep any groceries on the table, especially overripe fruit and vegetables. 5. Put nets on the windows and doors - it will protect the apartment not only from flies, but also from mosquitoes.

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