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Overweight, and with time obesity in children, in 95% of cases are the result of overfeeding and insufficient exercise. Slimming a child does not consist in dieting, but in a gradual change in the eating habits of the whole family. What rules will make it easier for you to lose weight in an obese child?

Why is it importantslimming obese children ? Becauseobese childrenhave problems not only with their peers, but most of all with their he alth - too high cholesterol, hypertension, atherosclerosis, overloaded joints are just some of the ailments caused by obesity.

Losing weight for an obese child: rules

  • Do not give your child weight loss supplements, do not introduce slimming diets.
  • Do not limit the caloric content of meals to children under the age of 7. Weight loss can be achieved by changing the quality of your food (less fat and sugar) and encouraging you to be more active.
  • The child should eat 4-5 times a day, at regular intervals. The most important meal is breakfast. The student should get a lunch at school. Each meal should include vegetables or fruit.
  • Serve the fiber in the form of vegetables, fruit and whole grain products, e.g. wholemeal bread.
  • Don't make your child eat what he or she doesn't like. Do not serve him dietary dishes while the rest of the household is eating fried cutlets. This puts them on the margins of the family. Change the menu for everyone.
  • Exclude the so-called hidden calories (mayonnaise in salads, grease for pouring vegetables, cream in soup).
  • While eating, the child should not watch TV because, busy following the fairy tale, he eats more than he needs.
  • If the child has eaten a meal and asks for more, it is worth waiting for a while. It takes about 20 minutes for the signal to reach the brain that the body is saturated. Therefore, encourage your child to eat slowly and chew on the food thoroughly.
  • Encourage drinking water between meals. Dilute the juices with water and replace the sugar to sweeten the tea with stevia, xylitol or agave syrup. Avoid artificial sweeteners (aspartame, acespfam).
  • Talk to your child about the need to lose weight, but don't argue that he will be he althier. Speakwith a nice figure, fast running, beautiful skin and hair.
  • Do not point out your child is overweight. Don't call him a donut or a sweetheart. Stressing, even involuntarily, the excess weight of a child makes them complex and lowers their self-esteem.
  • Before going out for a kinder ball, give your child a wholesome meal. This will reduce his appetite for crisps or s alty sticks.

"Zdrowie" monthly

Every 4th Polish child is on a slimming diet. The menus are arranged incorrectly

For eight years, the number of children on a diet has been growing steadily. Currently, diets aimed at reducing weight are used by every fourth Polish child, over 20 percent. instead he thinks about introducing them. In most cases, menus are arranged incorrectly and daily meals do not provide children with the nutrients necessary for proper development. This may result in growth retardation, concentration disorders, osteoporosis, dehydration and even depression - experts from the National Center for Nutrition Education emphasize.


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