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Heavy periods are tiring and can also cause anemia, among other things. So it's worth asking your gynecologist for help, who will suggest one of the methods that will make your bleeding less heavy. How to reduce heavy periods?

Heavy menstruation , even if it is not caused by disease, but only by physiology, can be reduced. It is worth doing this for your own comfort. But first you should always find out what is causing them. Whatmethods for heavy periodscan your doctor suggest?

Heavy periods: when you don't need help?

If your heavy periods are not disease-related, you recover quickly after significant blood loss, you do not have anemia, the loss of hemoglobin is moderate, you do not generally need pharmacological support or it may be limited to taking dietary supplements that contain iron and possibly also folic acid.

Heavy periods: hormonal help

When your menstruation cuts you off from your life for a few days, you are constantly afraid that you will stain your underwear again, you suffer from weakness, dizziness, pain, ask your gynecologist for help.

She can prescribe you hormonal medications in the form of oral pills, patches, rings, and if you've already given birth - also a hormonal IUD. After these types of drugs, usually used as a form of contraception, there is no menstruation, only the so-called withdrawal bleeding. It is much more sparse, and sometimes there is none at all. When you are in the menopausal period, hormone therapy will solve the problem of heavy periods. Initially, it may be limited to administering only progesterone.

Heavy periods: help without hormones

But what if you don't want to or can't get hormone treatment? Gynecologists then recommend taking two types of drugs at the same time: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antifibrinolytic drugs. The former relieve pain, while the latter inhibit bleeding. They are taken during menstruation, usually 2 tablets 3 times a day.

Heavy periods: treatment of the cause

When sickness is the cause of heavy periods, treatment is needed. It is not always de alt with by a gynecologist, e.g. in the case of thyroid disorders, the therapy is conductedendocrinologist, and for liver diseases - hepatologist.

Heavy periods: help yourself

With heavy menstruation, you must limit the use of painkillers with acetylsalicylic acid (it reduces blood clotting). Also, avoid overexertion, drinking strong coffee, cola and alcohol. You must also not heat your lower abdomen (e.g. with a hot water bottle to relieve pain), because the heat dilates the blood vessels and may increase the bleeding.

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