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Don't take your Christmas preparations too seriously - this is not the time to become the perfect housewife. On Christmas, the house is sparkling clean and all the napkins are ironed and not the most important thing. Holidays are a special time that should also be used for rest and reflection.

Think if the perfect housewife is really the title you care about? Christmas is just around the corner and you are struggling between scrubbing the glaze and baking gingerbread cookies and you have the impression that you will not make it in time? Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Holidays are about more than cleaning and cooking from morning to evening. When you realize this, you will only be one step away from achieving full balance and peace.

You don't have to prepare Christmas by yourself!

Remember that you are not taking part in the competition for the best hostess of the year in which the stake is one million zlotys. The family is there to support you, not judge you. If it is different and every family lunch or dinner is an exam - it is better to spend Christmas with complete strangers.

Do not try at all costs to "rise to the occasion", because probably no one will appreciate your effort. Do not do everything yourself, otherwise you will not stick your nose out of the kitchen throughout the week before Christmas, and you will sit at the Christmas table unconscious from effort and lack of sleep. You are to be happy about Christmas too. Share responsibilities.

At home - between husband and children, away from home - between family members. They want to eat - they also have to work hard. If, for various reasons, you do not have someone to delegate some of the duties related to baking, cooking or whipping, trust ready-made products - they are not much more expensive, and in some cases you will find that even cheaper. And they have one undeniable advantage - you just need to heat them up or fry them.

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Don't go crazy with cleaning before Christmas

Don't go crazy with cleaning - no one will check under a magnifying glass if you cleaned the window in the bathroom and put towels in the wardrobe in order. All you need to do is vacuum the furniture and the floor and take the scattered underwear out of sight.

There will be a buzz, confusion and no one will notice the pile of newspapers behind the couch. And even if what? Instead of wasting time on unnecessary cleaning, take a relaxing bath. And after the bath, you can start preparing Christmas Eve again.

At the very beginning, agree on a gift-giving policy with all guests. You can arrange symbolic gifts, funny gadgets or no gifts at all. Giving even small things to a family of 30 can seriously damage the home budget.

Save energy and relax on holidays

When that day arrives, try to relax as much as possible. The pre-Christmas rajzefiber only introduces unnecessary confusion. You can put cold dishes on the table even an hour before your guests arrive.

Then you will only bring new dishes with the help of your aunt or cousin. And if on Christmas Eve fried carp or cabbage with mushrooms are delayed on the table, the world will not collapse. Nobody will starve to death for sure.

A frequent source of stress is … time, i.e. the emphasis on performing many activities in a short time. As psychologists emphasize, stress is nothing more than overloading the body. It appears when the number of loads exceeds the energy level at our disposal.

And this is what happens most often in the case of Christmas preparations. Therefore, do not burn yourself unnecessarily. Better leave some energy for an evening walk or a sleigh ride.

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