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I have been living in England for a year and have been pregnant for 5 months. My problem is probably neurosis. I am not good at the sight of the bathroom, the kitchen lasts 2 hours every morning. Leaving the house also manifests itself in fighting nausea. I try to replace my thoughts with some activities, but it doesn't really help. I try to drive the car so that by the time I reach my destination I feel sick, then calm down and when I come back everything passes. I also grit my teeth often. Before pregnancy, I had such symptoms, but rarely. I am happily married, have my husband's full support, little stress. I reported it to the doctor who is managing my pregnancy, but he decided that the results were good and prescribed Cyclizina. However, taking these pills, I am drowsy, my heart beats faster. Is it really a neurosis? I would love to go to a psychologist for advice, but I just started learning English, so it's a problem for me now.

As far as I understand, you are currently suffering from nausea, which was especially aggravated during pregnancy, which disappeared earlier and accompanied you before leaving the house. You suspect that these may be symptoms of neurosis. You do not write about other symptoms, so you cannot speculate about any diagnosis in such a situation.

The current ailments you are experiencing may also result from pregnancy, in this situation, apart from physical symptoms only, fears and anxiety may also increase. However, the situation should not be underestimated if these symptoms are very bothersome for you and make you feel stress, which is not recommended in your condition.

A visit to a psychologist or psychiatrist could bring you tangible benefits. In Great Britain, there are institutions and specialists (Poles) who admit patients in Polish, it is worth looking for them on the Internet, checking the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the UK and on the websites of NGOs that offer help to Poles in England. Many clinics in Poland also offer a meeting with a specialist via communicators, e.g. Skype, or by phone, although in my opinion it will not replace face-to-face contact. I understood that you have the support of your husband, it is important that you take advantage of this fact and share what you are going through. Maybe the breathing techniques and relaxation offered in the Internet and in handbooks will be equally valuable. Had the symptoms happenedintensified, however, it is worth going to a specialist in person.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Dominika Ambroziewicz-Wnuk

Psychologist, personal development trainer.

For 20 years she has been working with teenagers, young adults and their carers. Supports people who experience school and relational difficulties, adolescence disorders and teenage parents

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