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What is the relationship with sex, temperament, libido and large, protruding ears of men, prominent lips of women? Is a large nose related to penis size and an upturned nose with a tendency to one-time intercourse? We debunk some myths and confirm others.

A female mustache is not a sign oftemperament , a big nose - that's it. A long thumb is not a bigpenis , but a big difference between your index and middle fingers can represent a lot of sexuality. A strongly outlined male jaw does not imply outstanding masculinity, but a larger nose can.

Does a woman's mustache testify to her temperament?

It is said that a mustache in women is a sign of extraordinary temperament. The more lush, the greater the temperament.
» Not true. Hair appearing in women in unusual places (e.g. under the nose, on the cheeks, on the chest, on the hands) only indicates a hormonal disorder. If a woman has too much of the male sex hormone testosterone in her body, she has "male" symptoms. Additionally, the woman's voice may change, she may experience aggressive behavior.

A man's large nose indicates a large penis.

» Not true, but not really. Penis size doesn't matter, but sexual ability does. It turns out that in the nose of both men and women there is a so-called share-nasal organ (VNO). VNO neurons are closely related to the centers that control sexual function. The VNO is a group of specialized sensory cells, but they have nothing to do with the sense of smell. These cells respond to pheromones that stimulate them, i.e. odorless substances that are sexually attracted to them. The more extensive the VNO, and it depends on the size of the nose, the greater the sexual sensitivity, the greater the desire forsex .

Natural, strong red of a woman's lips proves a high libido

» Not true: Although intensely red lips - whether natural or corrected with lipstick, are very sexy, such a strong natural shade can indicate a tendency to high blood pressure or problems with circulation. Anyway, very pale lips can also be a symptom of a sick heart. It may be that the redness of the lips is caused by licking them all the time, which is not good as it can lead tochapping and cracking.

Big ears in a man indicate great temperament.

» Truth: Research which was carried out on several thousand men in the USA, significantly proved the truth of this thesis. Not only that, by the way, it turned out that the owners of such ears are sophisticated lovers, characterized by incredible fantasy in bed. All the more, the more the ears were not only large, but also protruding. Research is currently underway on what this relationship looks like in women.

The more puffed up a woman's lower lip, the better she is.

» True: Probably related to the receptors at this site. First, there are a lot of them, and secondly, they lead to the clitoris and to the centers in the brain that are responsible for sexual responses. This relationship also applies to men, but they have erogenous points on the lower lip compared to those on the female lip. Hence, less sensitivity.

Red hair attracts men more.

» Truth: This is because men are visual learners, and all very bright colors are their lure. Also, women with naturally red hair are supposed to be great lovers, eager to experiment in bed.

A raised nose means a tendency to one-off sexual adventures.

» True. Paradoxical as it may sound, British scientists from the University of Bath assure that it is true. Therefore, if you want a long lasting relationship, pay attention to the nose of a potential candidate for a partner. While a man's snub nose is often a casual quickie, in a woman it can also mean a lack of inhibitions, openness to sex.

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