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Although children under the age of one have only a few milk teeth, experts say this is the best time to visit a dentist for the first time, according to a study by American scientists from The American Academy of Pediatric Dentrists.

More than 40 percent of children havecariesbefore going to thekindergartenfor the first time. This is all the more worrying that caries occurring indeciduous teethincreases the risk of developing demineralisation of the enamel of permanent teeth.

First visit to the dentist without pain

The first visit to the dentist is the beginning of developing good habits related to caring for the teeth in the child. - Currently, many adults are terrified of visiting the dentist, but let's not forget that all traumas related to dental treatment are usually born at an early age, when parents bring their young children to the office crying because of a toothache. Then it is much too late and the child has a negative connotation of the first visit, perpetuating incorrect stereotypes that may affect his or her oral he alth care in the future - says the drug. stom. Bartosz Nowak from the PRODENTA Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry Center in Gliwice. The first visit can be fun for your child. - Young children are not prejudiced, they are curious about everything, so with the help of a dentist, the first visit can be simply fun for a child - says Dr. Bartosz Nowak.


Parents also give their children a toothbrush too late and instill a habit of brushing their teeth every day. - Usually it happens when our child has, if not all, teeth, at least most of them. And children should develop the habit of brushing their teeth practically from the beginning, when they are able to catch the toothbrush on their own, parents should do this before - says Dr. Nowak.

Tooth in youth, so in old age

Many parents, however, erroneously believe that there is no need to take care of milk teeth, since in a few years they will be replaced with permanent teeth. Nothing could be more wrong! According to research carried out by American scientists, in this case the so-called domino effect. - If caries began to develop at an early age, in the period of having deciduous teeth, even inif a child has permanent teeth, this process is difficult to stop. Therefore, from the first visit, the dentist puts emphasis on preventing its development - explains Dr. Nowak. Currently, the risk of tooth decay, even in young children, is much higher than a few or a dozen years ago. - Sugars are a killer for teeth, because they produce bacteria and substances that destroy enamel in the mouth during the initial digestion. Children consume far more carbohydrates than their small body needs. They are fed with sweetened porridges. They even drink sweetened milk, not to mention sweets - says Dr. Nowak. Another consequence of such an unhe althy diet is overweight and obesity in children, which also have a negative impact on the he alth of the teeth.

Why is it worth to replace the bottle with a mug

The first visit to the dentist is also an opportunity to give parents some advice on the best way to prevent tooth decay on a daily basis. Few parents are aware of, for example, the detrimental effect of drinking from a bottle on the teeth. Experts advise putting the bottle down and replacing it with a mug or a cup no later than before the baby is one year old.

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