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Gołąbki is a dish prepared from minced meat with rice, wrapped in leaves of young cabbage (e.g. Italian or Beijing) and served with tomato sauce. Stuffed cabbage can also be prepared without wrapping and eaten as a separate dish or with potatoes, rice or porridge. Check how many calories the cabbage rolls have and what their nutritional values ​​are.


  1. Stuffed cabbage - with meat and more
  2. Stuffed cabbage - how many calories do lovebirds have?
  3. Stuffed cabbage - nutritional values ​​
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  5. Stuffed cabbage - diet and vegetarian

Stuffed cabbageis a dish that has been known for centuries, but there is no consensus as to where it comes from. Turks, Greeks and Romans consider themselves pioneers in preparing this dish, whilecabbage rollsare traditional national dishes in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Turkish and Egyptian cuisines.

According to historical sources, cabbage rolls were a common dish in the Ottoman Empire, which later spread to other countries conquered by this empire, e.g. in Hungary, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Other sources say that cabbage rolls have been known in Poland since the 19th century and come from Ukrainian cabbage rolls (hołubci), which originally consisted of buckwheat and potatoes stuffed with cabbage leaves. They are usually served during family celebrations during holidays and at weddings.

Gołąbki have also been known for centuries in Jewish cuisine, where they are prepared for religious holidays.

Stuffed cabbage - with meat and more

Stuffed cabbage rolls consist of stuffing wrapped in cabbage or vine leaves. Most often, the stuffing consists of minced pork and rice, but poultry, lamb, lamb and fish are also used to prepare the stuffing. Additions to the stuffing can be mushrooms, onion and dill.

Stuffed cabbage is wrapped in scalded white cabbage leaves or sauerkraut leaves, and in Greece and Italy - in grapevine leaves.

Stuffed cabbage rolls can be fried or stewed over low heat, or baked with cheese. Stuffed cabbage is most often served with tomato sauce. They can be eaten as a standalone dish or with boiled potatoes.

Stuffed cabbage - how many calories do lovebirds have?

100 g stuffed cabbage with meat andrice in tomato sauce provides 108 kcal and:

Nutrientsin 100g
Protein3.6 g
Fat6.7 g
Saturated fat2.5 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids3.01 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids0.78 g
Cholesterol14.0 g
Carbohydrates10.0 g
fiber1.7 g
Calcium38.0 mg (4%)
Sodium20.0 mg (1%)
Phosphorus51.0 mg (7%)
Potassium200.0 mg (6%)
Magnesium11.0 mg (3%)
Iron0.4 mg (4%)
Zinc0.72 mg (7%)
Copper0.04 mg (4%)
Vitamin B10.097 mg (7%)
Vitamin B20.069 mg (5%)
Vitamin B60.06 mg (5%)
Niacin0.69 mg (4%)
Foliates20.1 µg (5%)
Vitamin B120.1 µg (4%)
Vitamin C22.6 mg (25%)
Vitamin E1.25 mg (13%)
Vitamin A47.0 µg (5%)
Vitamin D0.1 µg (0.7%)

(% of the recommended daily intake for an adult)

Nutritional value: IŻŻ database,% of the recommended daily intake based on IŻŻ Nutrition Standards, 2022

Stuffed cabbage - nutritional values ​​

100 g of cabbage rolls contain only 108 kcal, but usually one pigeon weighs about 150-200 grams, so the number of calories per serving increases.

Traditional cabbage rolls are a source of saturated and monounsaturated fats. Unfortunately, they are not a good source of vitamins and minerals. The exception is vitamin C, which in 100 g of cabbage rolls contains 22.6 mg (but it comes from tomato sauce).

Doves without wrapping

Gołąbki without wrappingis a less time-consuming version of this popular dish. For their preparation, you need the same ingredients as in the case of traditional cabbage rolls. The difference is adding grated and blanched cabbage.

Stuffed cabbage without wrapping can also be prepared without eggs and with raw rice.

You can also grind the cabbage so that it is not noticeable in the dish. The minced meat is mixed with shredded cabbage,boiled rice, egg, onion and spices.

Stuffed cabbage can be baked or fried in a pan and then stewed in tomato sauce. They taste best with mashed potatoes and salad.

Stuffed cabbage - diet and vegetarian

Stuffed cabbage will be dietary if you choose poultry or lamb instead of minced meat.

Stuffed cabbage can also be prepared in a vegetarian version. Stuffing for cabbage rolls can be prepared on the basis of buckwheat and mushrooms or rice, mushrooms, buckwheat and tofu, and also with the use of barley and bulgur. In addition, you can add lentils, red beans, cauliflower to the stuffing.

About the authorMarzena Masna, dietitian SOS Diet, dietary catering, WarsawA graduate of dietetics at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She gained professional experience in dietary clinics, the Nursery Complex of the Capital City of Warsaw and Warsaw hospitals for adults and children. She constantly deepens her knowledge by participating in conferences on proper nutrition, as well as diet-prevention and diet therapy of diseases. Currently, a dietitian at SOS Diet, dietary catering, where he deals with nutritional advice for clients, creating recipes, preparing the menu and supervising the quality of meals.

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