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Eggplants are not peeled and eaten raw, and should be rubbed with s alt before frying and baking. Despite this, the range of kitchen uses of eggplants is very wide. Check out how to make eggplant ratatouille, Kashmiri eggplant, Greek moussaka and Serbian ajwar.

Eggplantuntil the 19th century was considered only an ornamental plant. However, its taste and nutritional properties proved so inviting that eggplant began to appear on tables in various parts of the world. Due to the fact that the cultivation of eggplants requires a sufficiently high temperature, they can be found most often in tropical and subtropical areas.

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How to prepare eggplant for frying, baking, stewing?

With us, eggplant is not as popular as, for example, squash. This is due to the characteristic taste of aubergine, which has a hint of bitterness. However, by following some simple advice, it is easy to get rid of.

Young eggplants should not be peeled. Peel the older ones thinly or tear off the skin after baking.

Before thermal processing, cut the vegetable into slices, s alt it and leave it in a sieve or in a colander, allowing the juice to release with its characteristic bitterness. A sprinkle of lemon juice may also be helpful. After half an hour, quickly rinse the slices under running water and rub them with a paper towel - and the vegetable is already devoid of bitter taste.

Before frying, it is a good idea to s alt the eggplant pieces again so that they do not absorb the oil. If we don't do this, they will get soaked in fat and turn into a fattening "caloric bomb".

Recipe for Greek moussaka with eggplants

If you absolutely want to fry aubergines, use an egg coating and breadcrumbs - this will also prevent it from absorbing too much oil.

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Is raw eggplant harmful?

Unlike zucchini or other vegetables, eggplantscannot be eaten raw . The solanine they contain is a highly toxic compound. Only after thermal treatment, the toxin ceases to be harmful.

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Eggplant - what is it with?eat?

When buying eggplant, we advise you to choose small (they contain less bitterness), but ripe pieces. The skin should be taut, shiny and have an intense color. Fruit that is too large or too soft will be deprived of the expected flavor.

Neutral-tasting eggplants are recommended to be combined with other vegetables and spices, such as peppers, tomatoes, turmeric or cumin, then their taste will become more pronounced. Eggplant pastes and mousses aid the digestion of fatty meats, but eggplants themselves are not an easily digestible vegetable.

Who shouldn't eat eggplants?

The best eggplant dishes are served in Arab countries, India, Georgia and Armenia. The purple fruit is also popular in the Mediterranean.

For this reason, eggplants are available in stores all year round, but the tastiest specimens can be found during the natural harvest period, i.e. from June to September.

Recipe for eggplants in Kashmiri

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