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Some medications should be taken before eating, others after. But there are also some common rules that must be followed in order for the active substances contained in the drug to be effective and the therapy to have as few side effects as possible. See how to administer drugs for 100% effectiveness.

One rule remains the same - each drug is taken as recommended by a doctor or manufacturer.

● Soluble drugs are always dissolved in water and drunk in this form.

● Take the tablets with 1/2 cup of water.

● We do not take painkillers on an empty stomach.

● We swallow the capsules in capsules.

● We do not pour medicines in wafers onto the spoon.

● If the doctor doesn't order it, we don't split the pills; those that can be safely divided usually have a special recess to make it easier to break it.

● We do not exceed the doses recommended by the doctor; this is especially true of sleeping pills, sedatives, antidepressants and antibiotics.

● Antibiotics should be taken one hour before eating or two hours after eating, because food may impair their absorption.

● If you have problems with swallowing, ask your doctor to change the form of your medication; Antibiotics can take the form of injections, painkillers, patches or ointments.

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