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The currants look inconspicuous, but they have loyal fans. And rightly so, because these fruits are a real treasury of vitamins and minerals. Eat them raw or try the delicious currant jelly recipe.

There is a lot of phosphorus in currants,magnesium , calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, boron, zinc and manganese. When it comes to the content ofvitamin C , they are in the forefront of fruit - a handful of blackcurrantsmeet the daily needs of an adult human.

The currant peel contains anthocyanins - substances that are effective in fighting E. coli bacteria, the causes of stomach ailments. Anthocyanins are also anti-inflammatory, hence blackcurrant drinks soothe sore throats. You can also drink them after a meal for good results, as they facilitate digestion.

Due to the large amount of fiber (approx. 4 g / 100 g of fruit), currants also help with constipation.

What's more, currants have a beneficial effect on the skin - vitamin C and routine strengthen the capillaries.

Red or black currants are also an irreplaceable ingredient of jams, compotes and an addition to desserts. Especially those prepared without cooking are valuable, because they lose much less vitamins.

Here is a recipe for a delicious currant jelly:

Thanks to the high pectin content, currants are perfect for natural jelly - you do not need to add gelatin to them. Rinse red or black currants and pour boiling water over them. Put the fruit in batches on the gauze and squeeze the juice. Pour sugar into the juice (1.3 kg per liter) and stir until it dissolves. Put everything in the scalded jars. When the jelly has solidified after 24 hours, it can be moved to the pantry.

Blackcurrant - the star of preserves

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