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The man's testicles, as well as the penis, also require caresses. It is worth paying attention to your partner's testicles. Try to caress the testicles during oral sex, suck them, kiss them, lick them. But beware - the testicles are very sensitive, so caressing must be gentle.

Testiclesis a very erogenous zone on the map of the male body, prone to caress. Ladies often grab a more or less protruding manhood and go to work, avoidingtesticles . Before you start caressing his gems, however, you should learn some basics about them. This may be useful to you!

  • The testicles are one of your man's most important erogenous zones, so you cannot ignore them duringforeplay . They are very sensitive to the touch, much more than the penis,caressesmust therefore be gentle. A stronger one can make your partner writhe in pain, not pleasure.
  • At the same time, they are extremely sensitive to heat, so caressing with warming gadgets is out of the question.
  • Some men may defend this place for fear that the woman will cause them pain. These are mostly those who have had a bad experience with their gems before. So do not try to get to the testicles at all costs, only in small steps.

Fondling the testicles: crush in the hands

The nuclei do not handle temperature fluctuations well. They don't like hot or bitterly cold. So first, rub your hands lightly, and then gently put them around his jewels. Slowly weigh them in your hands, raise and lower them. As if you were doing it, for example checking the weight of two oranges. Then, gently pinch your fingers around the curves while massaging their skin with your fingertips. Relax once, press more once. Already at this point you should notice the expression of delight on his face.

Testicle caresses: skinning skin

Place the testicles in your palm, and cover them lightly with the other hand. And so hold it for a while without making any movements. Then, pull the testicle skin down with your index finger and thumb. Pull, hold, release and pull again, each time at a different point. Now, gently pull the testicles (still holding them in your hand) from the base of the penis. Do it in such a way as to grade the strength of your movements. Because it is an extremely exciting caress for you, but very muchThe line between pleasure and pain is fine.

Lick and suck testicles

Still supporting the testicles in your hand, start licking them with the entire surface of your tongue. Yes, to moisturize them. But you can do it differently. While your tongue is dancing on them, you caress his penis with your hands. You can perform various movements on its jewels - sliding, sweeping, you can draw various patterns, geometric shapes, and you can finally beat the rhythm with your tip. Then gently pinch the skin on the testicles with your lips and suck it as if you were sucking the juice out of the fruit. Just gently. You are not a leech.

Rotate testicles in mouth

If you succeed, take both testicles in your mouth at once. If not, take as much as you can.

Now move your tongue faster and faster, but try not to touch the gems too painfully. Roll your tongue around the circles, rub them against you and against the inside of your cheeks. Just be careful not to bump into your teeth!

At the end of this caress, remove the jewels from your mouth and make your hands move again. Clench your thumb and forefinger around the base of the penis, at the very bottom, so as to press against the testicles at the same time. It'll work like a ring you put on your penis, making it very, very hard. And with the other hand you can do what you usually do, which is "pump" his penis up and down.

Clench your fist lightly and place it between the base of his penis and his anus. Press this area so that you can massage the testicles with your knuckles. This caress can lead to an explosion in a flash.

Testicle caresses: blow

Take more air into your mouth and slowly expel it on his testicles, blowing it off with warm air. For greater effect, you can blow warm and then cold, taking an ice cube into your mouth. Then run your thumb along the penis, from top to bottom and vice versa, massaging the testicles with your thumb as well. Note: If you don't want him to ejaculate too quickly, gently grab your testicles and pull them down - slowly but surely. This will delay ejaculation.

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