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Cress and sprouts provide plenty of invaluable, especially after winter and early spring, vitamins and minerals. In addition, they give an original flavor to common dishes. They are easy to grow at home. And it's hard to imagine a cleansing diet without them.

Cressshould be eaten all year round, and certainly in the early spring, when it is difficult to find wholesome vegetables. It has an original taste and aroma, and in terms of nutritional value, it exceeds many vegetables. It is recommended in springcleansing treatmentsfor a reason. It perfectly regenerates the body after winter, increases immunity, adds radiance to the skin and is a powerful injection of energy. It also helps during illness and convalescence.

Cress adds he alth and beauty, captures years

Cress contains all the best and in large quantities. It is a great source ofvitamin C , , B, A, K and E, also known as the vitamin of youth, as well as easily digestible iron and calcium. In addition, it provides phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, iodine, essential oils and fiber.Due to the richness of antioxidants, watercress prevents cancer and protects against the damaging effects of free radicals. It refreshes, stimulates metabolism, helps in rheumatic diseases, and improves kidney function.
People who eat it regularly (not only in spring, but all year round) have less colds and generally feel better. Cress rejuvenates, refreshes the skin and adds blush. Perfectly affects hair and nails, strengthens teeth and bones. In addition, it provides few calories and has no bloating properties. However, due to its diuretic effect, you should not eat more than 3 tablespoons a day.

Cress for sandwich and soup

Cress is spicy, has a unique spicy taste, which it owes to essential oils and bitterness similar to those contained in horseradish and mustard - it takes time to get used to it. At the beginning, add it to your food in small amounts, and when you get a taste of it, gradually increase the dose.
Cress is best eaten raw, because it loses its nutritional value under the influence of cooking (vitamin C loss can be up to 50%). The sprouts and leaves of the plant can be eaten. Chopped like chives will change the tastean ordinary sandwich (it tastes great on wholemeal bread with butter). It goes well with cottage cheese, various pastes and cold cuts.
It will enrich the taste of sauce, vegetable salad, cucumber salad and green lettuce. You can sprinkle it on soup, groats, rice, potatoes, add it to scrambled eggs or omelette. It replaces parsley, dill or chives in dishes, but also goes well with mixtures of greens. The taste is so spicy that you no longer need to add s alt or pepper to the dish, which is very important for people on a s alt-free diet.

You must do it

ABC of homemade cress

Growing watercress is easy and does not require any special effort.

  • Seeds are best bought in a he alth food store, because those from gardening may contain chemicals. Thoroughly change them, removing broken and discolored ones, rinse he althy ones in lukewarm boiled water, put them in a salad bowl, pour water over them and set aside for 6 hours to swell (they will stick like soaked linseed). Pour onto a sieve, rinse and wait for the water to drip off.
  • Then arrange (not too thickly) on a damp lignin (cotton wool) placed on a plate, tray, inverted pot, fancy salad bowl or clay figurine.
  • Place in a shaded corner at 18-21oC. You can cover the seeds with a linen cloth or gauze. Sprinkle several times a day to keep the lignin from drying out.
  • Sprouts can be harvested after just 2 days. After 6-8 days, the plants will be about 4 centimeters high. When you carefully cut the leaves with scissors, they will grow back for a second harvest.
  • If you rinse them with water before eating, they will be crunchy. The plants must be eaten on a regular basis, because when they grow too much, they will become bitter and lose their nutritional value.

You can set up a plantation in a special sprouting plant. It consists of three containers (this allows you to grow three types of plants at the same time), a water tank and a cover. Special siphons drain excess water. You only need to sprinkle the plantation a few times a day.

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